Sunday, April 30, 2017

44 With Gina & Friends

I'll have a video later with some of the scenery and some clips of the riders.

Well. Sunday was a nice 44 with Gina. Breezy but not as bad as the 50 mph Santa Ana like Saturday. Gina thought it was windy at the start of the ride. Me and Jose had to laugh when she said that having been out there Saturday.

So we start the ride and soft pedaling we are averaging 15+ from Orangewood to Yorba Park. Nice! On Saturday, we were working our butts off and averaging 12.2 on the same section. So this was nice. Somewhere after Tustin we passed a few people on bikes heading the same direction. At one point we passed a couple of guys. Not long after, someone pulls up on my side and puts his hand on my back. I'm thinking,"wth, why does hit guy have his hand on my back?!". I got this creepy homo type feeling wondering why this guy wanted to feel me up ha ha! Then he says something and OH, it's Ron ha ha! I must admit, he had there for a few seconds. Thought I was going to have to call the Popo and make a molestation complaint! You got me good Ron! Ha ha ha!

We stopped at Yorba as Ron and Dixie headed on northbound for a few extra miles. Joaquin showed up while we were at the park. Hey, he is only 24 hours late as both Jose and I had contacted him to ride with us in the wind on Saturday. I told him he was late and he laughed. He didn't reply to our messages so we knew it was a "NO" on Saturday's ride ha ha!

So the 4 of us headed toward the coast. I usually pull most of the way setting a pace for Gina but I moved over and let the guys pull for a bit seeing that she was looking pretty strong this day. The guys did a good job of  keeping it steady most of the time so Gina had no problem. I know she must have felt good cause she didn't fall behind on the little steep short climbs as usual. Then I knew for sure she was feeling good when she kept passing me on the way back. Usually I back of half a step for a couple of seconds on the up section of the underpasses. But today, she kept passing me, wth ha ha ha!

So it was a pretty good ride on Sunday. :-)

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