Saturday, April 15, 2017

Almost Solo Saturday

Rode alone since Gina was busy today. Ran into Bad Bob who turned around and rode with me a bit. Somewhere around the soccer fields. He rode most of the way back with me to the last underpass before the coast. Pretty windy ride today. 44 miles 16.8 average.

On the return, I ran into Mark Somewhere near Warner. Stopped for a chat. Wow, with the wind on the way to the coast, I thought I would have a tailwind back but sure didn't feel like it. I could see the leaves on the ground blowing my way but it sure felt like a headwind while I was rolling. Strange side wind I guess.

Saw Ron and Dixie as well. Just happened to have my camera out when they rolled by. Also saw Dona and Frank along the road too.

                           Can you figure out the Mark pictures below, the difference? :-P

                                                                    Bikinis are coming!

Mark with Mr. Beanz

Mark without Mr. Beanz

Here is one thing that is frustrating! The volunteers who go out there and keep encouraging those homeless drug addicts to continue gathering out there making things dangerous for the rest of us, don't even have any consideration for the law, the rest of us, and our safety.

Last couple of weeks, these people have been here, double parking, blocking the fire hydrants, and making it impossible for cyclists to squeeze through the mess they are creating. Yeah, double parking, blocking fie hydrants, and creating large crowds of drug addicts to gather on the trail blocking safe passage for us cyclists. It would be a little better if they tried to organize some kind of system so that they didn't put us in danger. They feed these inconsiderate druggies right on the trail edge causing large crowds. People wandering without paying attention, volunteer playing catch with footballs, loose dogs running around while thousands of cyclists try to make their way through on the trail. Maybe if these idiots moved when you alerted them with a bell or verbal warnings. But they don't they look at you like they own the trail. Must be from all the taxes they pay, yeah right!

Like I said, these drug addicts are out there because they want to be. No rules, no laws, no consequences. Just like their everyday life  here on earth. Just here to make things hard, unpleasant  for the rest of us who actually contribute to society.

Free food, free clothes, free living and now free showers while they block the streets, hydrants, and walkways making things tough for the rest of us!


  1. OK, how did you filter-out your reflection from Mark's glasses?

    1. It's called Beanz Magic ha ha! Actually I downloaded a free program from the net called Serif photo plus. Photoshop type program. I used the cloning tool. It lets me copy a section of an area then place it over another area. So I cloned some of the road reflection in his glasses then dragged it over the green of my jersey. Then some of the black of his lens frame over the green sections of frame to make it look a bit better. I do this to several pics on my blog. Sometimes I catch someone in the background I don't want in the pic. SO I clone some of the road section and place it over them in the image so can't tell they were ever there. Sometimes the white lines of the trail are hard to get straight and make it match so little things might be a tip off that I covered somebody or something up. ;-)