Wednesday, September 27, 2017

OK, Little Bit -0 - Music

Gina hasn't touched her keyboard in a couple of years. I finally talked her into playing with me last night. Not bad, took 3 takes of this song and this was the second which was the best. Not bad really, took us about 30 minutes of playing to get the song down.

After I got the recording, Gina kept playing trying to refresh her memory of what she used to know. Nothing fancy, she just knows a few notes here and there, and the clapping. :-P

Monday, September 25, 2017

Split Screen SART/ Than and Now and the Mess

A video by R. Gerber Productions. A split screen of the Santa Ana Bike Trail...Oh I'm sorry, the Santa Ana Homeless Camp Trail.

Difference of 2 years. Back when people who actually contributed to society had a nice clean trail to ride on and enjoy a weekend of safe cycling after working all week.

New condos, new parks for children to play have all been taken over by the homeless as structural support for their tents. I remember when the new condos there were built, I'd tell Gina we should invest in one so we could enjoy the bike trail right out our front door step. Thank God we didn't because that place is a mess now. Poor residents who have to smell the foul constant odor of feces and urine! Not to mention the crime I read about just the other day. I read a few of those residents have been complaining about the crimes being committed to their cars in the parking lot. Wow, so sad when you can't even feel safe in your own home. I bet there BBQ's suck!

Anyway, before I get started again, or too involved, check out this video. I actually think it looks a little better than it did a few months ago but that doesn't mean the criminals are leaving. It means they are moving North to the Honda Center area. A place where now it has gotten so bad they have closed the gates to the bike trail. Not happy about that but I am happy because it more than likely stops all the idiots who were driving and parking their cars on the trail feeding the criminals and drug addicts contributing to their migration toward the trail.

Damn it! I get so pissed when I think of these druggies and criminals. Yeah you would too if you were out there and saw one of them a holes harassing your wife!  Don't pretend you wouldn't be, any man with a set of balls would be! :-P


Thought I would add this to the post. Stuff that really pissed me off. Plenty of this on the trail not shown in the video.

           Volunteer driving up on the trail parking on the bike trail. Seen several vehicles.

Homeless/thugs/druggies using restrooms to take showers and play house while 3 female cyclist wait to use the restroom. Yes, that gal is loading water so she can pour it over some drugged out chick in the stall in an attempt to take a shower.

Idiots parking whatever and wherever, no consideration for anyone or safety of others.

Druggies and thugs walking aimlessly across the trail. Wires running across the trail from generators.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

No Bike, Hike !!!

5.7 mile hike, a little over 1,000 ft of gain. No cycling today, got a wedding to attend. Being pressed fro time, we hiked with Aimee who is training for a big hiking trip in Peru. Her trip is 6 days, 4-8 hours of hiking per day with the hardest day hiking through Salkntay Pass which is over the 15,000 ft level. Then they zip line down about 1,000 ft and sleep in a capsule overhanging the edge of a mountain. No not for me ha ha! But we hiked with her today, little jump start on the training.

I don't know the exact details of Aimee's hiking trip, may have gotten things a little mixed up here and there but all I know is that you could not pay me enough to crawl in that little capsule hanging off the mountain ha ha!

About half way up!

Near the top. Parking lot is on the straight section of road right about the center of the part in Aimee's hair ha ha!

Aimee wanted a pic of herself without Gina. OK not really ha ha! Gina said she looked kind of dopey in the picture so she asked me to take her out but said Aimee looked nice in the photo.

Almost done and back on somewhat flat ground.

The profile. I prefer the climbing, down hill bothers me more than the climb. Gina is the opposite. 

Heeeeeeeeck NO! Aimee can have it! You can not pay me enough to climb in that thing. he capsule she will be sleeping in on her hiking trip in Peru. :-O

Monday, September 18, 2017

Shooting on Santa Ana Trail

Yeah they really need to clean up this crap and those poor unfortunate down on their luck souls out there. Poor people just looking for a better life stabbing and shooting each other.

Hope they clean up this crap before they start shooting cyclists!

Sunday shooting, and a while back, a stabbing!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

SART Sunday

35 miles at 16.4 average with Gina and buddies. I felt better this week after a GMR ride. Did a little more on GMR yesterday but felt good today so the fitness must be improving a little bit. Last week I was dying on the SART ride after GMR ha ha! Gina did very well, a little faster and a little less effort it seems. She didn't yell at me once on this ride he he he!

Did see the Legend Greg go rolling by. Not too many riders out. Good but then again, a little less motivating.

I swear there are some dufus riders out there. Today we were passing some dude near Kramer heading south. I saw him ahead but noticed approaching riders so I slowed half a step to time the riders so once I passed the dude ahead of us, we would have clear passage. I kept the dude about 20 yards ahead to avoid any mishaps. Once the opposing riders went by, I returned to our pace and started the pass. Gina shouted to the guy that there were 2 more (Aimee and Jose) just to be safe.

The guy speeds up as Aimee is rolling by and starts shouting, "HURRY UP WITH YOUR PASS BECAUSE I AM TURNING RIGHT UP HERE!!!".

OK dumass! Why speed up? If you held the same pace, you'd be passed by the time we reached the next exit, which was about 100 yards away!  Uhhh, if you turn right, you're going into the river! I didn't say anything to the guy but I was thinking all this. Not to mention, if you are getting passed, keep your pace to avoid mishaps. DON"T lift your pace then expect others to pass you at a faster speed. We aren't racing! We were simply passing when you lifted the pace to warn us about your turnoff. I myself think once we are passing, as long as we are passing safely, it's the other guy's responsibility to time it so he makes his turn safely. DON"T cut off our riders then whine about turning off. The dude had like 50 more yards. Clearly we were doing a faster pace (with very little effort), he should have just realized he was a slower rider and let us pass. DUFUS!

Then later as we pass under the 22 heading south, some man and lady stop on the turn. He's got his bike on the shouler but the lady has her bike parked right in the center of the southbound lane. WOW! Blind turn too?!

So luckily I see them and slow the group down seeing there are about 3 or 4 oncoming riders. We slow way down then I say politely, "parking in the center of the lane on a blind turn is dangerous for all of us." The guys starts shouting, "OK THANK YOU,  GOT YOU ALRIGHT!".

Dumb sarcastic SOB old man. I should have went back to beotch slap the guy but Gina said I can't go around beating up old sarcastic men on hybrids ha ha! People like that are more dangerous than the  homeless idiots out there ha ha! Anyway, hope he learned something!

Ran into Joaquin and Eduardo at the coast. Getting a couple good pics of Joaquin's new bike.

Rode my old 1998 Cannondale today. I sure like this bike!

Girl hopped on the back and sucked wheel for about 4  or 5 miles.

Joaquin and Edduard

Saturday, September 16, 2017

GMR Saturday

64.5 miles with 4,380 ft of gain to the high point with Mike today. SO that is about 3 miles or so short of the village.  We had enough water and figure we had enough to get back so why go to the village ha ha?! OK really, we were just looking to better last week's gain of 4100 ft. Ramp up over the last couple of weeks. I had no problem turning back a bit early. Having been off GMR so long, it was pretty tough for me over the last couple of weeks. Not that I flew up today but my breathing was much better than the last couple of weeks. Though maybe the heat had something to say about that ha ha! Was nice and cool today. Funny how one gets acclimated to the heat. Today it was 76 and boy was I glad I had an under layer on because I felt cold ha ha!

Always impressed me, the cyclists up there! Most say hi and I get a whole lot of , "you're doing great!" from some bad ass looking riders. Very different from the trail (SART). Most people I encounter there have the attitude as if to say, "I'm going to kick this fat guy's ass!". Pretty sad but it's true! Though you see a handful of cyclists on the mountain, maybe 50 ?? But a thousand on the trail and most act as if it's a race even when you're just cruising and kicking their asses ha ha! SO refreshing up on GMR. No homeless, no wannabe racers, lots of encouragement and I sure don't miss the arrogant attitude of the trail.

Very different! On SART I get guys that outweigh me by 50 pounds growl at me when we pass them. Take a wheel then race around trying to drop us after sucking wheel for 10 miles. On GMR, you have bad ass cyclists that are flying by you like they could keep up with Lance in his prime, but so encouraging with shout outs! Hmm! Maybe knowing what it takes to get up the mountain, they feel everyone up there deserves encouragement. I believe it so! If I pass someone, I say good job! I guess if it was easy, all the SART riders would be up there ha ha! I'm liking it more and more!

Speaking of encouraging cyclists, did see Matt and Joan roll by in the opposite direction. Just ahead of them we saw GMR and Bad Bill!

Pretty sure out of the 50 riders we see up there, I am by far the heaviest but I'm digging it more and more and plan to spend more time up there! ;-)

Good day other than Mike's flat ha ha!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

SART with Gina and I'm Tarred!

Day after climbing GMR and I'm feeling it! Must be old age ha ha! Today was 35 miles at 16.3 MPH average. Gina did very well after a month off of the bike. She said she was tired but when we hit the end of the ride, she sure took off heading to the truck leaving me far behind!

Ran into Joaquin racking up his bike at Edna Park. Got his new frame, Focus. Put some sweet components on it and he looks real happy!

Homeless near accident call: Freakin' idiot on a bike with an unleashed dog. We were just hitting the descent on the steep Garden Grove underpass when a homeless guy pulling a little trailer was up ahead. He had a dog when we saw him at Edna Park where we had stopped. As soon as we started the descent., hid dog comes running full throttle from the upper bank and down the concrete side. WTF! Dog slams on his brakes and goes sliding down the concrete with his claws digging in big time. I have no idea how he stopped but another foot and he would have had to jump on Gina's back as she headed down!

Can you image a dog hopping on your back running at 15 mph or so ?! Gina would have went down for sure. That's pretty dangerous and those worthless fukks don't give a damn! :-/

It got windy and my legs got tired so I let Jose pull for a while!

Not many riders on the trail. One small group and a few solo riders. Homeless problem out there has really scared the decent people away!

She tired but look at her go!

Joaquin's new bike, pieced together.

Green chain! :-O

Hard case water bottle storage thingy!

DI2 battery

Cool handlebars!

Summer ain't over yet!

Ad if If I wasn't tired enough already. Gina made me roast 38 more pounds of Hatch New Mexico chile tonight.  2 1/2 hours in front of a hot grill! :-P

Saturday, September 9, 2017

GMR (Almost the High Point)

32.7 miles with 4,150 ft of gain today with Mike. Mike looked good all day and I was the one suffering but once we got near the high point, we turned around. Heck I was ready to suffer it out but Mike said he thought that was enough for today. Maybe he felt sorry for me ha ha!

We did run into Matt along the way. He turned around and headed back up to talk to us. Good thing cause I'm not sure I would have made it back up had I been the one to turn around ha ha! Always good chatting with Matt. Saw GMR and her friends but they kept going. Can't blame them. Once you're heading down the road on GMR it's hard to turn back as most times, you're just ready to get off the bike!

Once we were up the road, I took a look at my Garmin. We had 3200 ft last week so this week I figured if we got in 4,000 of climbing, we'd be good. Maybe next week, not sure what Gina has planned but if we ride again, I think the village is in the cards.

I figured we might turn back before the village today so that's why I took the hydration pack. Man that thing is like strapping a 10 pound weight on your back ha ha! Plus I tend to load it up a little more than with just water. When I'm in better shape and make it to the village no problem, then I'll stick the my water bottles and ditch the hydro-pak.

I forgot to add, on the way back we were on our side descending a turn. Some moron in a blue Miyata car convertible was hugging our side of the shoulder zooming around like a little kid. He almost took me out! C'mon dude, you're sixty something years old and ricky racing like a teenager on GRR? Grow up before you kill someone! I know a cyclist who belongs to a Miyata car club. Hopefully he knows this old Asian guy and mentions the incident to him. Tell him to grow up before he kills somebody!

                  My hydration pack and my butt for those who don't like me, you can kiss it ha ha!

Pleasant Matt

Mike at the shack

The Profile

Carbed up last night at Spaghetti Factory but those shrimp scampi things go in my way! :-P

What is dinner without Gina dropping half of it on her clothes? 

Lasagna for me, ravioli for Gina