Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Tandem SART

Another nice ride on the tandem. 35 miles at 17.1 average. Nice day and lots of chicks at the coast., Not that I was looking! :-P Ran into Steve at the coast, 76 year old inline skater/racer dude. He took 4 first place wins in his age group this year. Getting ready for another race in November! Also showing up for a little breather was Frank and his huge calves. Dude has some rocks! :-O

                                            Got some help into the wind from Spider Man! :-P

                                                                      76 year old Steve!

                                                           Frank and his Rocks!

OK, is that a tat or uhhh?

                       I don't usually get a clear view of the landing strip, but when I do......:-P

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tandem SART & PR's Galore!!!!

35 PR's on Strava for Gina ha ha ha! 43.5 miles at 17.5 average. On the tandem with Gina and our bud Mike along for the ride. Ran into Krylon (ART) at the coast for a brief chat. Haven't spoke with the guy for like 5 years so it was nice to visit again.

                                                Darn cyclists and their cell phones! :-P

                                                           ART (Krylon net name)

                                           THIRTY FIVE PR's...count them, 35! :-P

                                                         Mike happy with the ride!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Anudder Tandem Ride

Nothing too fancy, just a local cruise around the hood. Wow, Gina is really getting into shape. I can tell by her tandem climbing! 12 miles with nearly a thousand feet of gain.

                                                                  A little sweat! :-P

                                             All poor Gina gets to see on tandem rides ha ha!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wet Tandem SART Ride

For once the weather man was right!  I don't usually go by what he says ha ha so we rode. 40 miles on the tandem with Gina, Jose and Mike. Did pretty good and felt good. First 30 miles no rain so we thought we were good. Then about a mile before the coast it started raining so we did a quick u-turn and headed back no break which is very unusual for us. But we wanted to get back before it go too wet. Not because getting wet bugs us, but to save the bikes. I hate cleaning a gritty muddy bike. It started to rain harder but luckily the bikes got wet but not muddy on the 10 or 11 mile return! Well we did get back far earlier than usual ha ha! A bit wet but the humidity dried us right up!

                                                            Before it started raining!

Just like Gina ha ha! Sunny and 75 outside and you'll find her wearing a wind breaker and long tights. A 50% chance of rain and she'll wear shorts and a tank top ha  ha!

Officially down 45 lbs at this morning's weigh in!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Double Double! Tandem Ride

Tandem ride with Gina. Double hill on a double bike ha ha! I can really tell Gina is getting strong on the bike. Usually climbing on the tandem is real tough but today I felt like she was with me all the way on the pedals. We even talked most of the way so it was a nice cruise to warm up the legs from the weekend rides.

Just about 12 miles with just under 1,000 ft gain.

                                             I might be needing some new jerseys soon! :-P

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday SART

Started a 35 miler with Gina, Jose, Aimee and Mike but also ran into Tammy and Allen at the start. So we headed to the detour which would be our turnaround. Doubled back then headed to the coast. Alan stopped off at the HC park so we continued on to Edna Park then regrouped. The wind was starting to pick up at that point so I told all the other riders that if I pulled off the front,one of the others could take over. We did 60 miles the day before and my legs were feeling it so any help would be appreciated. At one point my legs were feeling pretty toasty. But just then, Mike pulled up on my left and said, "let me help out so you get some relief since you have pulled the entire distance so far today as well as on yesterday's 60 miler."

He pulled in front of me and kept the same exact speed I had been riding. Wow what a relief, immediate relief ! It gave me a chance to catch my breath and recover my legs so that later in the ride I could once again lift the pace. Turns out we did pretty good! Gina kept up well with the consistent pace and we felt much better at the end of the ride, much better than we did yesterday on the 60!

                   Man of the Day. He sprinted so hard around, the flames from his tire kicked up
                                           and burned his wife's shoulder (hence the band-aid)

                               Some Iron Man people hopping on the back after we rolled by.
                                            I thought triathlete's weren't supposed to draft.

                   My cycling selfie with some cleavage. Hey, if chicks can do it on FB ha ha ha!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

C'mon Down To Green River!

60 miles with Gina and Jose. Just  a long ride ha ha! Did pretty good considering the stiff headwind. At one point I felt like sticking Gina up front for some relief but nah, I wouldn't do that to her so I just stuck it out! :-P

                                                             Ron and his fancy Bent!

                                       Gina new top. She's been looking for a groovy tee! :-P

                                             Wind today, this is blowing against us. :-(

                                                         Is that a dollar or a five? :-P

Sunday, July 5, 2015

SUM GMR Images

The video!

Took some images form the video footage I have. Few images for now of Tony (green) Mike Red) and Matt (Livestrong). Hope to have a video real soon, hopefully Monday night. :-)