Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday SART

Started a 35 miler with Gina, Jose, Aimee and Mike but also ran into Tammy and Allen at the start. So we headed to the detour which would be our turnaround. Doubled back then headed to the coast. Alan stopped off at the HC park so we continued on to Edna Park then regrouped. The wind was starting to pick up at that point so I told all the other riders that if I pulled off the front,one of the others could take over. We did 60 miles the day before and my legs were feeling it so any help would be appreciated. At one point my legs were feeling pretty toasty. But just then, Mike pulled up on my left and said, "let me help out so you get some relief since you have pulled the entire distance so far today as well as on yesterday's 60 miler."

He pulled in front of me and kept the same exact speed I had been riding. Wow what a relief, immediate relief ! It gave me a chance to catch my breath and recover my legs so that later in the ride I could once again lift the pace. Turns out we did pretty good! Gina kept up well with the consistent pace and we felt much better at the end of the ride, much better than we did yesterday on the 60!

                   Man of the Day. He sprinted so hard around, the flames from his tire kicked up
                                           and burned his wife's shoulder (hence the band-aid)

                               Some Iron Man people hopping on the back after we rolled by.
                                            I thought triathlete's weren't supposed to draft.

                   My cycling selfie with some cleavage. Hey, if chicks can do it on FB ha ha ha!

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