Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whoah Whatta Climb! Go Gina (midweek ride)

Gina really struggled up this road. a bud and I rode with her up Baldy Rd. This is a section of Baldy Rd that we have gone to sit out on the side of the road and offer water to riders during a local organized ride. It's a tough section and I have seen many riders walk up this section. My bud and I called out the grade for Gina while climbing, we saw lots of 12-14% readouts but didn't see this till I plugged into Strava! No wonder she was so grumpy on this section. She told us to keep our readouts to ourselves ha ha! About 1000 ft in the first 4/12-5 miles!

The dude that rode with us Was Eyemage on a few cycling forums. Had a sandwich at Euro Cafe after the ride (Mills and Baseline).

She was not happy but she did it!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another, ANOTHER Bee Sting to the FACE! :-O

Darn! But squeezed in another 45 miles! Felt very windy today and a high of 102. Must have hit that around Imperial cause it was pretty warm there. Felt very humid too. When we hit the Yorba Park restroom area, we were all sportin' a shiny layer of sweat. I think Gina ran out of steam about 5 miles from the finish. Which is no problem and somewhat expected. Previous day was PR shattering on Strava and a coupe of extra days of riding some gentle hills, and back to back days on the weekend. Which as been an oddity for us recently. Good thing is , this is the tallest column on a Strava month that we've had in over a year, more miles Yahoo!

The bad news, well for me not for you, is the bee sting on my face, once again! Wow, a bee its me, only me, no matter what color I wear, and stings me as soon as it hits me. No landing on my face, no thinking this dude is ugly so I'm going to sting his face, nothing but an instant sting kamikaze style! As mentioned before, I've had maybe 3 bee stings within one month so I carry Benedryl with me and hydro cort cream for instant treatment hoping to minimize the swelling. 

Max temp 102. Had to be here near Imperial. 

                                              I guess I watch too much Rambo. I was thinking
                                                   this military chopper going to open fire :-P

                                        Just after the sting, cream on face and downed Benedryl

                                                             Aimee looking pretty serious!

                                                 Lucky bunny, just avoided the splat!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goodness Gracious...GINA! :-O

36 miles today. I guess the mid week rides have paid off. Both of us felt really good today. Couldn't make the full Imperial ride because we have an engagement tonight. But Gina managed to "CRUSH" her Strava Pr times!

Wood bridge to wood bridge, 19.7 MPH average for the 7.4 miles.  Gina's Bridge to bridge (Gina is # 189 of 808 women riders on this segment, GO GINA! :-)

10 mile river path dash - 18.9 MPH average for the 10 miles  Gina's 10 Mile Path Dash

Actually she set a total of 15 PR's today!

Of course Aimee is a strong rider so at the end of the ride, we unleashed her. She sprinted off to test her legs. Gina usually gassed by this point but she said let's go! So we did! Couldn't keep up with Aimee but she gave a good TT effort which is very rare this point in the ride. So yeah, the midweeks are paying off, and how!

Did run into Mark at the coast. Poor guy, looked winded when he pulled up but he deserved it. He made an honest effort into the wind! Plus Louie showed up for a chat. Gave me his number, says he is taking Gina and I out for Lobster at Pala Casino! :-)

                                                       Ron on his bent (Pinoybentr)

                               Gina doesn't usually sweat a lot but she did today, Enough to leave a
                                                good print of her butt on the bench ha ha!

                                                                 Louie Louie Louie!


                                                              Smashing some PR's!!!

                                     Of course the pay off on the way home. Cold drink and some
                                                     stuffed yummy jalapeno peppers

Friday, July 25, 2014

Some Scary Azz Strava

I like Strava, I like to compare our times to others but there are some stupid scary azz segments.

First the stupid segment. From the top of Euclid, one mile long MINUS........-4% grade, totally straight shot.Why the stupid segment!? I can do 30 MPH without pedaling, big deal! If I can do 34, does that make me a skilled downhill mountain descender?

OK, so the stupid segment part is over! Now the stupid cyclist part! I have been riding up and down this road since 1995. Those who have been on the road know the section by the chapel is steep as you know what! But you will also know that it's a super fast downhill with curves and lots of blind spots. I've descended the section right above 24th street man many times. I know it is FAST! I know there is a stop sign at the bottom. I know you can not see traffic coming form the right, houses and a gas station. I know you can not see traffic coming from the left because of the fire station and little building. I know there are always cars there. I know there are a total of 6 stop signs in that little section  from all directions and there are always cars approaching and departing constantly. I know if I ma doing 20 mph, it's way too freakin' fast to approach that stop sign. I know after that fast downhill section above 24th street, it's freakin' hard to stop if you don't slow down way before approaching the intersection.

I was viewing the segment just below this area wondering what kind of person would consider that a segment when I noticed the high speeds and averages on that section. So I looked at one of the top riders then did the "analyse segment". Wow, these friggin' idiots are blowing the stop sign on 24th street at 36 MPH!!!! That means they aren't even attempting to slow down! Viewing other riders and analyzing, you can see they stopped or even slowed way down.

Top it off, one of the top morons has a bike shop listed in his handle. Way to represent ha ha! Reminds me of a shop that once had several affiliated riders complaining about stupid drivers only to later see their shop vehicle blowing several stop signs through the middle of town.

Wow, the uppers section of this road is a FAST down hill and to blow the stop sign? I hope none of these idiots get themselves killed! Of course it will be the driver's fault!

No I am not "anti cyclist", I am, as how the Mighty Hillbasher once put it, I am "anti stupid"!

Google maps was quite generous to post an image without 3 or 4 cars at the stop signs here. But you can see a semi getting read y to exit the gas station driveway. Semis sometimes park there as well, more visual blockage.

Although image does not show the usual traffic at the stop signs, you can see constant approaching vehicles. (red circles), and semi leaving the gas station.

                 I forgot a direction arrow but a rider would be flying down from the top of the image.

In this Strava analysis you can see the guy is doing 36 mph. No way can he do 36 at the start of this segment without blowing the sign. At 36 MPH you can't see squat at this intersection!

Note the difference in speed at the beginning of the segment (s)

OK,not this guy shows 8 MPH at the start of the segment which is correct if he stopped or even slowed down for the stop sign! More than likely would have had a better time on the segment if he had just blown the stop  like the previous idiot!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another short ride Midweek

Well it was a warm one, 91 average temp, 96 high according to the Garmin. Back up San Antonio to 24th St. Gina did a little better this time. She went straight up no problem shedding 2- 2 1/2 minutes off her previous times on Strava. Nothing fast or spectacular but getting back into some climbing only mean we will be hitting up GMR soon. Wow, with all these sick family members around us, life just seems to be nothing but comeback trails nowadays! But thankfully we are both healthy enough to ride, that's that name of my game! Btu anyway, Gina has been riding strong so if I can get some elevation in her legs, we'll move on to bigger and better things, like GMR he he he! Today she was looking good. On the second time up I said if she was tired we could turn back now, she asked for more, good sign!

Strava ride.............    Gina's Ride

Well to make this a little less boring of a post, I will shoot this shameless little plug out for my buddy Mark who runs this shop along with Dave. I don't get paid to advertise but he's done some real good honest work for us. I've mentioned in the past, he's probably the only guy I've let touch my bikes in the last several years. He's got one of those minds that just has to do things right! Like I said, I don't get paid but mention Mr. Beanz if you stop by. Hmm, maybe not cause he just might throw you out he he he!

I mention his shop since because we bought these Cygo lights there. USB rechargeable. We use them on steady mode while riding but use STROBE while descending Euclid sine it has plenty of intersections and cross streets. Seemed to have worked GREAT and caught the attention of those cars waiting at stop signs. We are very happy with them. Today Gina had her strobe on while descending Euclid. I'd turn my head a bit to make sure she was still there. I had to quit looking back cause this sucker was strobing like crazy, I was worried about triggering a migraine ha ha! Well they did do a great job on a GMR ride we did some time back. If it's good enough for GMR, it's good! Well OK, so the plug is not all  that exciting either, so what, stop by his shop anyway ha ha ha!

The light, even bright in the day light

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Short Local Ride with Gina

10 miles with Gina on local roads. Up San Antonio to 24th, across to Euclid then down. Then a little bit of up again! Most of the climb is about 3-4 % and a short 5-8% at the top. Garmin maxed out at 13% but that must have been real short cause I didn't feel it. Getting in a little uphill riding. 10 miles and about 900 ft of gain.  Hope to start doing this as a midweek ride couple times per week.

                   Giving Gina's leg a little time to relax, haven't done much climbing lately.

                                        Using lights while riding the streets

                              Heading up, just above Foothill (Rt 66) on San Antonio

                            There's my house, the one in the mountains ha ha ha!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gina Riding Strong!

Nice little comeback, Gina's been riding strong. She set a gang of PR's on her Strava today. 44.6 miles @ 16.1 average. Today we rode with Aimee and Jose. Dark day but a little warm but not hot. Ran into Alan and Tammy along the way as well as Alex at the coast. Mark stopped by our loading zone after we were finished with our ride. He was just starting, wow pretty late ha ha! Bet he's going to get some real fun headwinds! Just a few pictures.

                                                            Heading to the coast

                                                   Gina was really concentrating today!

                                                               Mad Man Alan

                                She was worried about somebody seeing her chipped finger nail polish!

                                                           Alex and his "ICU" pose!

                                                            Jose in bike shorts???!!!

                                    I'm not sure why but Gina was growling at the camera ha ha!

S'posed to ride Sunday but got lazy and didn't feel like getting out of bed. So I washed Gina's car instead.

                                             Putting on the final touches, looks good to me! :-P

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Anudder Ride Today

Another 36 miles today at a 15.6 average. Gina felt a little more tired today and I was thankful for that cause I was too ha ha! Yes honey, I will slow down for you he he he! She did very well though, a few more Strava PR's. One including a 3 mile segment at 18.9 average. Excellent for Gina since she isn't even anywhere near close to form. When she is, we'll see all those numbers climb. Just hope I can keep up with her ha ha!

Pretty cool! Just looking through Gina's Strava and on the 10mileTT segement, she's 180 our of 568 (17.9 average) women...without even trying! :-)

On the 5mileTTnorth she has a 19.0 average. #247 out 858.

Only Gina and I today, not sure what happened to Jose. No call no message just a no show. So we waited around for 20 minutes then left. Felt windier today, either that or I'm just getting that old! But it was nice to ride alone with Gina. Ran into Julie at the coast, she's the monster mileage lady that did 15,300+ miles last year.  Jack, the 82 year old dude still riding. This dude was SUPER fast on an upright 17 years ago when we started riding. Averaged 24 mph from Edna Park to the coast with his son. Then Bob and Greg trying to sneak up on my camera. I caught Bob bud Greg slipped by.

I just love Gina's back. Nice freckle patches he he he!

                                                                         Nice sail boat

                                        Gina looking a little gritty and schweatty after the ride

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Ride 7/12/14

Well while the Squarewheels forum bitches were sitting around circle jerking each other, Gina and I went out for a ride.   Got back to our usual 42 miler. My Garmin said 91 most of the ride but it didn't seem that hot. But man was it breezy! Could be why it felt much cooler and my averaged temp on the Gamin was 89 when I plugged in my info. Not a bad ride at all. I did try to hold the pace down some knowing we plan to do it again tomorrow. Gina and I did the return alone and without pushing much, she managed a PR on Strava. She carried an 18.8 for the 5mileTT segment. A few other PR's as well but I only pay attention to a few here and there seeing there are segments for every 50 feet ha ha!

Jose started out with us but left the coast before us. Mark and Gail were at the coast when we arrived. Gail's bday is tomorrow so she was sporting anew jersey Mark bought her for her bday. I heard she got the shorts too but didn't wear them for one reason or another.  We ran into Pinoybntr (Ron) at the detour. Had a good chat and a pic or two!

Well it was good to get our mileage back up to the 42 after so many distractions. Gina's son just started dialysis not long ago, He is not doing very well and recently got news that he has congestive heart failure. So that is now both sons on dialysis. My father just started 3 weeks ago and he's having a tough time but adjusting well. So there was a few weeks of hospital visits, Gina's uncle just passed last week then 2 days later, her aunt passed. So to get her back on the bike and riding is a good thing.

Pinoybntr (Ron) Looks like one of them outdoor in the park portraits shots, 
might have to charge him for this one !

Ha ha ha! Still can't go on with their lives without me.

                                                     His weapon of choice for the day!

                                                                  Gina and Jose

                                              Awww how cute, young love at the beach!

                                                    Awwww, brings tears to my eyes! :-P

                                                    Is this the new style, bikini wedgie!

                                I told her to look sexy so I'd get more views on my blog ha ha! Not bad! :-)

                                Tomorrow is her bday! Sportin' anew pink jersey form the hubby!

                                 Gina said her stomach feels like choco honey stinger

                       Are these guys best buddies or what? Empty bench but they sit together ha ha!

                                                      Best buddies Alex ad Mark


                                          Brian, co founder of Equalizer motor assisted bikes.

                                                                My red face again!