Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Short Local Ride with Gina

10 miles with Gina on local roads. Up San Antonio to 24th, across to Euclid then down. Then a little bit of up again! Most of the climb is about 3-4 % and a short 5-8% at the top. Garmin maxed out at 13% but that must have been real short cause I didn't feel it. Getting in a little uphill riding. 10 miles and about 900 ft of gain.  Hope to start doing this as a midweek ride couple times per week.

                   Giving Gina's leg a little time to relax, haven't done much climbing lately.

                                        Using lights while riding the streets

                              Heading up, just above Foothill (Rt 66) on San Antonio

                            There's my house, the one in the mountains ha ha ha!

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