Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Ride 7/12/14

Well while the Squarewheels forum bitches were sitting around circle jerking each other, Gina and I went out for a ride.   Got back to our usual 42 miler. My Garmin said 91 most of the ride but it didn't seem that hot. But man was it breezy! Could be why it felt much cooler and my averaged temp on the Gamin was 89 when I plugged in my info. Not a bad ride at all. I did try to hold the pace down some knowing we plan to do it again tomorrow. Gina and I did the return alone and without pushing much, she managed a PR on Strava. She carried an 18.8 for the 5mileTT segment. A few other PR's as well but I only pay attention to a few here and there seeing there are segments for every 50 feet ha ha!

Jose started out with us but left the coast before us. Mark and Gail were at the coast when we arrived. Gail's bday is tomorrow so she was sporting anew jersey Mark bought her for her bday. I heard she got the shorts too but didn't wear them for one reason or another.  We ran into Pinoybntr (Ron) at the detour. Had a good chat and a pic or two!

Well it was good to get our mileage back up to the 42 after so many distractions. Gina's son just started dialysis not long ago, He is not doing very well and recently got news that he has congestive heart failure. So that is now both sons on dialysis. My father just started 3 weeks ago and he's having a tough time but adjusting well. So there was a few weeks of hospital visits, Gina's uncle just passed last week then 2 days later, her aunt passed. So to get her back on the bike and riding is a good thing.

Pinoybntr (Ron) Looks like one of them outdoor in the park portraits shots, 
might have to charge him for this one !

Ha ha ha! Still can't go on with their lives without me.

                                                     His weapon of choice for the day!

                                                                  Gina and Jose

                                              Awww how cute, young love at the beach!

                                                    Awwww, brings tears to my eyes! :-P

                                                    Is this the new style, bikini wedgie!

                                I told her to look sexy so I'd get more views on my blog ha ha! Not bad! :-)

                                Tomorrow is her bday! Sportin' anew pink jersey form the hubby!

                                 Gina said her stomach feels like choco honey stinger

                       Are these guys best buddies or what? Empty bench but they sit together ha ha!

                                                      Best buddies Alex ad Mark


                                          Brian, co founder of Equalizer motor assisted bikes.

                                                                My red face again!

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