Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gina's Strava PR Ride

OK here is the video of the 4th. I tired to fit this footage into a bike riding video but it just does not fit so I made a chick flick.

Another 36 miler ride with Gina and Aimee. Joined by an old friend Tony for most of the ride. Gina was killing it today. Faster, and better than 2 days ago. I thought she'd be tired but she was spinning them pedals. Write up later. Pics for now!

Gina has over 30 PR's on this ride. Her second ride but this one was better than the last so lots of PR's ha ha! Total average today was 16.1 for the 35 miles.

Her northbound bridge to bridge was 18.6 average Yay Gina! She has ridden much lately so when we hit it hard again, she'll be getting lots more PR's! :-)


  1. I saw you guy around mile marker 4 or 5. I was headed towards the beach, while you guys were heading inland.

    1. Hmm,you must have been going too fast cause you slipped right by my eyes! :-P