Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goodness Gracious...GINA! :-O

36 miles today. I guess the mid week rides have paid off. Both of us felt really good today. Couldn't make the full Imperial ride because we have an engagement tonight. But Gina managed to "CRUSH" her Strava Pr times!

Wood bridge to wood bridge, 19.7 MPH average for the 7.4 miles.  Gina's Bridge to bridge (Gina is # 189 of 808 women riders on this segment, GO GINA! :-)

10 mile river path dash - 18.9 MPH average for the 10 miles  Gina's 10 Mile Path Dash

Actually she set a total of 15 PR's today!

Of course Aimee is a strong rider so at the end of the ride, we unleashed her. She sprinted off to test her legs. Gina usually gassed by this point but she said let's go! So we did! Couldn't keep up with Aimee but she gave a good TT effort which is very rare this point in the ride. So yeah, the midweeks are paying off, and how!

Did run into Mark at the coast. Poor guy, looked winded when he pulled up but he deserved it. He made an honest effort into the wind! Plus Louie showed up for a chat. Gave me his number, says he is taking Gina and I out for Lobster at Pala Casino! :-)

                                                       Ron on his bent (Pinoybentr)

                               Gina doesn't usually sweat a lot but she did today, Enough to leave a
                                                good print of her butt on the bench ha ha!

                                                                 Louie Louie Louie!


                                                              Smashing some PR's!!!

                                     Of course the pay off on the way home. Cold drink and some
                                                     stuffed yummy jalapeno peppers

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