Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another short ride Midweek

Well it was a warm one, 91 average temp, 96 high according to the Garmin. Back up San Antonio to 24th St. Gina did a little better this time. She went straight up no problem shedding 2- 2 1/2 minutes off her previous times on Strava. Nothing fast or spectacular but getting back into some climbing only mean we will be hitting up GMR soon. Wow, with all these sick family members around us, life just seems to be nothing but comeback trails nowadays! But thankfully we are both healthy enough to ride, that's that name of my game! Btu anyway, Gina has been riding strong so if I can get some elevation in her legs, we'll move on to bigger and better things, like GMR he he he! Today she was looking good. On the second time up I said if she was tired we could turn back now, she asked for more, good sign!

Strava ride.............    Gina's Ride

Well to make this a little less boring of a post, I will shoot this shameless little plug out for my buddy Mark who runs this shop along with Dave. I don't get paid to advertise but he's done some real good honest work for us. I've mentioned in the past, he's probably the only guy I've let touch my bikes in the last several years. He's got one of those minds that just has to do things right! Like I said, I don't get paid but mention Mr. Beanz if you stop by. Hmm, maybe not cause he just might throw you out he he he!

I mention his shop since because we bought these Cygo lights there. USB rechargeable. We use them on steady mode while riding but use STROBE while descending Euclid sine it has plenty of intersections and cross streets. Seemed to have worked GREAT and caught the attention of those cars waiting at stop signs. We are very happy with them. Today Gina had her strobe on while descending Euclid. I'd turn my head a bit to make sure she was still there. I had to quit looking back cause this sucker was strobing like crazy, I was worried about triggering a migraine ha ha! Well they did do a great job on a GMR ride we did some time back. If it's good enough for GMR, it's good! Well OK, so the plug is not all  that exciting either, so what, stop by his shop anyway ha ha ha!

The light, even bright in the day light

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