Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another, ANOTHER Bee Sting to the FACE! :-O

Darn! But squeezed in another 45 miles! Felt very windy today and a high of 102. Must have hit that around Imperial cause it was pretty warm there. Felt very humid too. When we hit the Yorba Park restroom area, we were all sportin' a shiny layer of sweat. I think Gina ran out of steam about 5 miles from the finish. Which is no problem and somewhat expected. Previous day was PR shattering on Strava and a coupe of extra days of riding some gentle hills, and back to back days on the weekend. Which as been an oddity for us recently. Good thing is , this is the tallest column on a Strava month that we've had in over a year, more miles Yahoo!

The bad news, well for me not for you, is the bee sting on my face, once again! Wow, a bee its me, only me, no matter what color I wear, and stings me as soon as it hits me. No landing on my face, no thinking this dude is ugly so I'm going to sting his face, nothing but an instant sting kamikaze style! As mentioned before, I've had maybe 3 bee stings within one month so I carry Benedryl with me and hydro cort cream for instant treatment hoping to minimize the swelling. 

Max temp 102. Had to be here near Imperial. 

                                              I guess I watch too much Rambo. I was thinking
                                                   this military chopper going to open fire :-P

                                        Just after the sting, cream on face and downed Benedryl

                                                             Aimee looking pretty serious!

                                                 Lucky bunny, just avoided the splat!

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