Thursday, July 31, 2014

Whoah Whatta Climb! Go Gina (midweek ride)

Gina really struggled up this road. a bud and I rode with her up Baldy Rd. This is a section of Baldy Rd that we have gone to sit out on the side of the road and offer water to riders during a local organized ride. It's a tough section and I have seen many riders walk up this section. My bud and I called out the grade for Gina while climbing, we saw lots of 12-14% readouts but didn't see this till I plugged into Strava! No wonder she was so grumpy on this section. She told us to keep our readouts to ourselves ha ha! About 1000 ft in the first 4/12-5 miles!

The dude that rode with us Was Eyemage on a few cycling forums. Had a sandwich at Euro Cafe after the ride (Mills and Baseline).

She was not happy but she did it!

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