Sunday, August 3, 2014

I Want To Be A REAL Cyclist Someday!

Stopped by Performance today just to look around. Gina pointed out a jersey just like the one I have. Bright light green, I don't know the scientific name for the color ha ha! "I have one just like that" I said. She said, " I know get another one, only $17!". Cool!

Then I remembered so dope I met on the bike. He said I could not be a real cyclist because I was wearing a Performance jersey. Wow, so you must have some fancy race kits? Uhhhh stutter stutter no! Oh, then what jerseys do you have from major rides like BA or Ride Around the Bear? Uhh stutter stutter, no answer!

So anyway, I bought another "not a real cyclist jersey today! But Gina said that if I need to feel like a real cyclist, I could buy this pillow and when they restock inventory, I can come back and get that wire bicycle pressed into a wooden frame to hang over the bed! :-P

                               This spiffy cycling pillow means I am half way to being a real cyclist! :-P

                              Another not a real cyclist jersey, just like the one I have in the closet!

                       OK, so Gina wears my BA jersey since it does not fit me. That means she
                        is a real rider and I am not since I'm wearing a Performance jersey ha ha! :-P

                                               OK wait! If I wear my BA socks, will that
                                                   make me at least half a REAL cyclist?

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