Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tuesday Ride Local

Well got in a couple of loops (rectangles whatever they call them ha ha). Didn't have a chance to ride the trail this weekend so I think Gina's legs were still tight from Baldy Rd since we have not done much climbing. We headed up and Gina had a very hard time warming up. I though she'd get to the top of San Antonio ave and say that's it, let's go home! But she kept plugging away. She said, "I suck today!". I explained to her that riding the bike is not always about trying to go faster but that at times, it's just a great benefit to turn the pedals. It's the effort that makes you gain! I told her like the old saying goes, "if you can do it on your worst day, you can do it on your best day!".

Well it was not a fast ride by her standards but she did manage to ride up the hill on the second time around further than she had in the past. This is a good thing, a good sign that things can only get better! :-)

She rode up further the second time than she had over the last couple of weeks (shown by the graph).

Stated out shaky but enede up geign a good ride! OF course the pay off was going home and preparing some shish kabob on the grill! :-)

My wannabe a real cyclist Performance jersey! :-P

                                        I believe we are moving faster than freeway traffic ha ha!

                                                           Second loop! Lights go on!

                                            Gina just keeps getting darker and darker ha ha!

Chicken, bacon, B pepper and onions sliced, chopped, skewered ready to go!

                                                                       Going going!

                                                                Done! Mmmmm!


  1. A good ride....followed by good food....doesn't come much better than that in my book..!!