Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stupid Uninvtied Dangerous Riders, I Hate These Idiots!

First off, there are all types that bug the F#@K out of me when they do this!. Riders in casual wear, riders in full kits, doesn't matter what they seem to think of themselves, real cyclist or not, it's the fact they make a nuisance of themselves with other riders just out there to do their thing and get in a bike ride. Their behavior makes it unsafe for us that  know one another in our group and wish to ride with safe riders.

Second of all, let me say this is not just because it's on a path. We have been riding on the road and there are some dangerous stupid MOFOs out there too! Just last week Gina and I stopped at a 4 way stop on 15th and San Antonio Ave. We signaled then began our take off as the two cars there allowed us to go as it was our turn. So we turn and head left (South). Just then a rider blows the 4 way stop at about 25 MPH and swerves right behind Gina. Yes, he blew the stop in front of 2 other cars that were waiting their turn, on in each direction so there was no reason why this stupid MOFO should not have stopped. Then to come that close to Gina was totally stupid! I shouted, " You're a dangerous rider!", but he just smiled and continued down SA blowing stops. This type of rider bothers me as well but I figure when he gets hit by a car, don't come crying to me! You get what you ask for! So don't hand me that BS that riders on the trail don't know how to ride and riders on the road are skilled and well behaved. Not to mention, I have been put more at risk by riders on high end bikes and fancy outfits than I have by riders on beach cruisers and little 4 year old kids on baby bikes.

So back to this nuisance! We ride in a group where all the riders know one another. We plan it that way for our own safety. We ride our pace and just do our thing. But every once in a while we get an idiot cyclist that just wants to interfere for no reason. Well OK, maybe there is a reason. He is weak but wants to pretend he is strong so he does stupid sheot that makes it dangerous for others.

We were heading to the coast into the headwind when we rolled up on another rider. He looked like he was giving it his all but having a tough time. We were just holding our pace and gaining quickly on the guy. You can see in the video how much faster we are rolling than he is once he finishes his super sprint! Again, if we are getting passed by other riders, we move tot he right and allow them to pass safely. If it's small group, we make sure all the riders are by before we return to the center of the lane.

So we roll up on this guy, I ring my bell and politely say, "Onlyerleft, 4 of us passing!". I've had guys almost take out one of our riders thinking there were only 2 when there were 4 so I let them know how many riders in our group as a safety precaution. So we begin our pass and as 2 of us are politely passing on his left he stands up and begins to sprint swaying his bike from side to side! WTF!

OK so he sprints off! I have no problem with the sprint the first time other than not allowing to make a safe pass first. But I figure the guy is macho and doesn't want to be passed. So off he goes then 1/8 of a mile later he fades big time. I know already that this is trouble because chances are he's not going to have the balls to face reality, he sucks! Sure enough this happens a couple of times. Finally his balls hit him in the face with reality so he has to let us pass but then takes a wheel. Sure enough, a mile or so later his balls return to their gigantic normal size and he sprints around again. As he rolls around the left he pull up on my side and says, "onyerleft". I let him pass but I said, "Wow powerful sprint there ha ha!". He took off like a bat out of hell.

But wait! Another 1/8 of a mile he fades again ha ha! I have no problem with his weak sprint really but passing the guy is annoying wondering if he will let us pass safely. I actually thought about stopping to let the fool get far ahead so we did not have to deal with him any longer. But hey, at this point, I'm not changing my ride or this dope! So as in the video you can see we pass him again and again he takes a wheel. Yes once again he sprinted around!

This time he tried real hard to stay ahead. We again just kept our pace and just as we were about to pass him "AGAIN" he turned off the trail. I think the wuss had had enough and decide his balls were not all that big. Well not as big as he thought ha ha!

Today Tuesday 8/19, couple of loops around the hood! 12 point something miles with 900 ft gain.
Really pretty day!

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