Saturday, August 9, 2014

50 Miles (Ron and Dixie)

Well 3/4 of the 50 ride with Ron and Dixie. Write up and video at a later time. Gina did very well. I think she would have crushed me today if we had raced. She even had energy to clown around at the coast and to do a few poses for a photo shoot after the ride ha ha! Marcello and Alex also in the pics.

It was only Gina and I today but as soon as we rolled up to the trail head Ron and Dixie arrived as well. Ron said they planned to hang around with us for a while, no problem. I know they are fast so I figured we'd be split up rather quickly. They started out a little aster than our usual but Ron didn't mind holding back giving us time to warm up the legs. Some people start out fast compared to our pace, especially after a little climbing during the week. I knew Gina would take a while. But they slowed the pace. We reached Yorba Park, took a short potty break then headed off to Weir. Then back to the coast. It was real tough, pretty stiff headwind. Ron let me set the pace and when we got behind the tandem, what  a big difference. Doing pretty good but after a good pull, Ron & Dixie pulled away from us on the downhill near the 405 and quickly opened a gap of about 30 yards. Tired from fighting the headwind, I could not lift the pace to gently close the gap. I could take a deep breath and sprint up but then that would leave a big gap for Gina to close and she is not the sprinting type so I tried to gently close it but it was not happening. Seemed they were holding back keeping our pace but the 30 yard gap was not closing. So we just backed off and waved them on. I don't know if they saw us wave but they just rolled on ahead of us for the last 5 miles or so.

Alex caught us on the return so we hing with him for a while taking pics and recording some video footage. He was on another 100 miler and about 85 miles into the ride. Wow, that had to be tough with the wind that day ha ha! Also had a chance to speak with Marcello at the coast. We often see him gong the opposite direction. He's an early bird and Gina is not so we are hardly ever going the same direction ha ha! Nice warm day and a great ride for Gina.

                                              Ron & Dixie waiting patiently for us to warm up!

                                                          Marcello, another 87 miler!

                                                                 Ready to jam home!

                                               I'm tall but not real tall but if I were out there,
                                               I'd be worried about losing my head ha ha!

                                           I tell people I prefer older women. I just can't seem
                                                 to pin exactly what it is, I just do OK!! :-P

                                                        Munching on a Honey Stinger

                                                            Gina goofing around!

                                                Alex cranking it up, around mile 85

                                                    Take my picture! Take my picture!

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