Sunday, June 26, 2016

Post Cough and Flu Ride

Gina always surprises me! She was sick all week long and didn't feel good at all. Didn't ride last week because she was so sick. This week we got a chance to ride (after 10 hour shifts all week and Saturday). Well I was expecting he to poop out about half way through the ride but she kept cranking out the miles. She got a bit tired the final 2 but hey, I was already impressed that she held a 17.2 average after being sick.

She did find a bathing suit top she could wear on the bike to even out the tan lines on her back. Always makes me happy when she wears something that lets her tan. Heck, I had no temptations to take any bikini pictures this week ha ha! Oh well, maybe next week! :-P

We did run into a few friends and regulars out there. Ran into Frank and his green Masi. Plus a couple we see out there most times. I know we were introduced but I can't remember their names. Cool people though! Come ti find out they worked in the wind together with our other buddy Joaquin.

OK, I just finished rubbing her down with lotion, let's ride! :-P

Man, this is always so annoying! The dude in the back was riding alone.We saw him about 1/4 mile ahead back at Yorba. Holding our pace we pass the guy. What does he do? He cuts off Aimee and bounces her out of position. First off, totally rude! We are a little group riding together, why ruin our system? He sucks wheel for a while then he sprints around and takes off. Sure enough he fades and we roll around him again. At least this time he was smart enough to know he was a race we didn't even know we were in ha ha! I dunno! Uninvited riders who push out your ride partners are so annoying, GTF out of the way!

Frank and his green Masi

Soaking up the sun!

I don't remember their names.

Joaquin from Team Sky! :-P

Lose those back tan lines Gina! 

Jose dressed like Greg. :-P

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bummer, Gina sick!

Was hoping to get in a ride on my one day off but Gina started coming down with something a couple days ago. Thought it might pass on through but it seems to have only gotten worse. Supposed to be 100+ today so it would have been a great day for a few bikini shots. Sick Gina and no bikinis, DOUBLE BUMMER! :-(

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Finally Got In A Ride

38 miles at 17.4 average. Bummer, all the hours of work during the week then Saturday Jose tells us it's raining in Anaheim so we sit the day out. Sunday still dark but we hit the trail anyway. It did start to drizzle on us heading to Yorba so we turned back early. Lost about 6 miles or so but hey who's counting?

Gina did really well today. I was at the front the entire time and pushing a pretty good effort seeing there was a good headwind. Doing 17-18 all the way to the coast. Joaquin joined us about half way through the ride.

Hung out at the coast for a while where we ran into Jordan, Bad Bob and his buddy. Jordan was on some kind of a Dutch commuter that caught a lot of eyes and interest. Dude's always got something different when it comes to bikes and outfits.

Later Ray Clone road by........on a cruise! Every time I see him he's on some serious hardcore ride but this time he was on an MTB cruising with his lady. She stopped by as well and had a little chat with us. Friendly lady, nice and very personable. I'm not sure but it could be that we like her more that Ray ha ha! Just kidding Ray! :-P

Heading back we ran into Terrible Tim. He turned around and hopped on the back of the line for a while. Then he took off and races around. He did pretty good for a while but then Gina ended up running him down. He then jumped back on her wheel so I tried to take his pic but he said he was not worthy so he tried to hide his face ha ha! I told you Tim, Gina would kick your ass ha ha!

Saw Marcello and his wife on the way back. I thought they would hop on but they didn't so I missed their pictures. :-(

                                           Gina and Bad Bob in some kind of a Pow Wow!

  All this carbon out here but all were interested in the Dutch commuter.

Still barely recognize the guy with a helmet! :-P

Dutch commuter

Jordan always laughing at something!

Wait WHAT?! Ray on a cruise?

Ray and his wife!

Tim feeling strong right before his attack on the peleton. :-P

Gina, Joaquin, Jose, and Tim

Tim not feeling so strong anymore after Gina ran him down.

Gina after the ride happy with her performance!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Exclusively Mr. Beanz Now

OK so I've stopped posting on cycling forums now. Concentrating on other things now. More on that later. But a few pics for now.

So from now on I will be posting my stories here as a log and a diary. If people and friends want to view it then it's cool. If not, then who cares?! I'm just posting of the real people I meet on the bike from now on. I'm just tired of the you must accept shit you don't like forums! ;-)

Somehow I managed to get Saturday off so we went for a ride. 44 miles with Gina and Aimee, 16.7 average.

Wow was the beach crowded today. Never seen it like this before. Supposedly a youth soccer tournament going on. Ran across Bong of River Velo (in pictures) on the return. Too fast for us! Ran across an old ride partner Mike. He rolled by as we exited Edna Park. Passed him then he stayed somewhat behind. Then he rolled up to the beach stop a bit after we got there.

This nasty rotten dude on the tandem. We rolled by them and I smiled and said hello. Then I said, "hey you should have told us it was tandem day, we would have brought ours!". I smiled then his wife smiled but he looked at me like he wanted to bitch slap me! So I said, well you aren't a very friendly guy then kept going. Oh yeah but the ass hat decided to take a wheel. Can't be friendly but the scum wants help. Fortunately the punk fell back on a little incline ha ha! I dunno, I just don't have a heart for those unfriendly cyclists he he he!

Sunday no ride! Gina said her sinuses were bothering her and she didn't feel like being out in the hot sun so we skipped the ride. But she did say her car needed to be washed. No "here is your breakfast!" no good morning dear!", just "wash my car!". Good thing my sinuses were not bothering me cause here I am out in the hot sun on a Sunday morning washing her car! :-P

The triple selfie!

Wow, crowded is the word.

Bong, the dude is fast!