Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sick No Rides

Sorry Man, been sick so haven't done any riding.  Felt a little low last week thinking I might be sick. Gina had the flu and I was hoping it wouldn't hit me. Of course everybody else at work was sick. Always seems that I am the last one to get sick when I do. I woke up Saturday with a sore throat, couldn't talk at work on Monday, Tues seemed a little better then Christmas morn, sheesh! Seems I was right back where I was on Monday.

Sucks but hopefully I feel better in the next couple of days so I can at least hit the trail this weekend.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday SART & 30 PR's On Strava

Gina went Christmas shopping today so I had a chance to open up on a segment I had been wanting to increase my ranking. Lincoln to Taft, 25.3 average, 1.3 miles, Mr. Beanz # 208 out of 4940 riders. I'm happy with it. I had Jose along with me to help share the load on the 44 miler so it made it nice to crank it up after a little recoup!

Oh yeah, I finally broke down and got a K Edge mount for the Go Pro, looks nice!

Short vid of the segment for now ;-)

The full video, Jose and I on SART. We did see Julius at the start with a huge group of riders. I thought we'd hop on but 30 seconds later they pulled off the trail ha ha! Saw Tammy and Alan ride by, Greg and Bob, then ran into Lucas at the coast. Jose rode really strong today. I was pooped trying to keep up with him but the good thing was setting 30 PR's on Strava ha ha!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday SART

Well it was a good ride but jut a sad day. Aimee's first ride in a long time and Jose was there too. We were all doing pretty good, I thought but Gina later told me that Aimee was asking if she was alright. Now watching the video,Gina didn't look right on the ride. maybe to much celebrating the night before as the daughter in law graduated with her Masters. So anyway, we made it tot he coast OK then ran into an old riding partner from back in 98 when we were much younger and fit ha ha! Mike hung around with us for a good chat of old times. Then we all headed back together. But 4 miles or so from the finish, Gina just couldn't hold pace so we slowed and let our friends ride off into the sunset . That's the sad part ha ha!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

SART 12/1/13 Me No Ride Long Time

Well we haven't been on the bikes for over 3 weeks now. I was shocked that we actually did about the same pace as our usual. Especially taking into account the wind today, oh my! Not many riders out there when the wind kicks up but for me, hey it's a blast. Lots more open trail for me to ride on ha ha! Did run into Ed at the parking area. Then Bad Bob along the trail near the coast, and Lucas at the beach stop. Good to see a few familiar faces again.

In the video, you can hear Bad Bob ask why I was banned from the forums. I love this question because it gives me a chance to talk about real men like AHultin and talk trash about all the Bull sheotter out there ha ha! :-)

OK I reworked the video because Ed is a BABY! ;-)


                                This is how I do it, the ole over the soulder and aim back trick!

                                                                        Bad Bob

                                                Oh my gosh! A smiling Lucas on camera!

                                                                 Beauty of a day eh!