Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday SART & 30 PR's On Strava

Gina went Christmas shopping today so I had a chance to open up on a segment I had been wanting to increase my ranking. Lincoln to Taft, 25.3 average, 1.3 miles, Mr. Beanz # 208 out of 4940 riders. I'm happy with it. I had Jose along with me to help share the load on the 44 miler so it made it nice to crank it up after a little recoup!

Oh yeah, I finally broke down and got a K Edge mount for the Go Pro, looks nice!

Short vid of the segment for now ;-)

The full video, Jose and I on SART. We did see Julius at the start with a huge group of riders. I thought we'd hop on but 30 seconds later they pulled off the trail ha ha! Saw Tammy and Alan ride by, Greg and Bob, then ran into Lucas at the coast. Jose rode really strong today. I was pooped trying to keep up with him but the good thing was setting 30 PR's on Strava ha ha!

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