Sunday, February 27, 2011

SART 02/27/11

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A Very pretty day on the trail. 50 miler, cold at the start but the sun made it real nice! As always, no shortage of a big headwind. Gina was pretty happy. She found a head cover type thingy at Target. Pretty cool looking cycling cap looking beanie. Posing her new found friend that kept her ears warm in the cold air haha!

at the coast we ran into Jim and his son Raymond. Seems they were out testing a motor assisted cycle. Not sure if it past the test as Raymond was, well sort of seemed to be complaining that it maxed out at 15 mph. Just hope I don't see the dude flying down the trail @ 60mph anytime soon haha!

A short section at the start of our ride with Pinoybenter. Always a pleasure to speak with Ron. Plus a little fly-by of the RiverVelo riders!

Pictures: Michael (hand up waving) was a pretty happy man as his ride partners patted him on the back for being an animal on the bike. Dude on his Rocklobster, cool paint job. I didn't get his name but he was a friendly guy. Nice paint job on the fork. Jim and his son Raymond. A pic of the mountains as we were heading to the trial this morn. Gina posing her ear protection.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Marshall Canyon 02/25/11

Nice ride up Marshall Canyon, my first time on this trail and one like it. Twenty something water crossing and lots of little tight tricky turns on the way up. I was doing alright till my chain started locking up. Eyemage figures it was from gunk and stuff gathered in and after the water crossings.

Minor also hit the trail with us and like he said, the bike is a mess after this type of a ride haha!

Bottom 3 pics courtesy of Eyemage.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gina Riding Bonelli Park

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Every once in a while I make a video that I really like. Maybe I'm just a romantic suckuh when it comes to Gina.

Well she had been feeling a little under the weather but her determination to get back into the hills surprises me. She's nto fast and doesn't race up the hills but she gets there. Must be the GMR rides but today she asked for more during the ride haha! One climb up the hill used to be her max

Saturday, February 19, 2011

GMR/ Some Snow & Eyemage 02/19/11

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SART Thread

Well, my plan was to ride SART in the rain on my MTB. A little something different but then Eyemage calls and asks if I'd be interested in a GMR run since it's not s'posed to rain at about 1 pm. Huh, no rain on GMR? Heck, let's go for it anyways, I'm ready for rain on knobbie tires!

So we're at the start and no rain, Pfft! Bummer. We're riding up higher when Eyemage points out the rain from a distance, it's coming! We hit Newman's Saddle (6 miles up) and it's freezing. Still the entire ride to the shack and no rain, bummer. Just as I lay down my bike Eyemage says it's snowing. Snow, I wanted rain but snow? Heck, I thought Eyemage was done with his business but he went back for seconds and I was off. We were at the shack for about 2 minutes, no more.

Light snow at the start of the descent but man, snow hurts the eyeballs. Next thing I know, hail! Hurts but no problem.. Then BAM, bunch-o-hail! Ow, now that hurts haha! Then more snow, then rain, then hail but we escape with our lives.

Next thing I know I see some dude coming up on a roadbike, not quite yet in the storm but it's freaking freezing at this point. I'm thinking I should warn this dude (as Eyemage did moments earlier) but after a good look, it's Hillbasher. I know the dude is nuts (and always well prepared) so I let him ride by with a greet.

The last few miles down were also freezing with the wind and all. But we lived and managed to make our way back to The Habit for some goodies and some classic Eyemage interview haha!

Jason at the start of the climb, superfast dude!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Ride Video (02/13/11)

Very short ride footage (no music) and interviews. Met up with El Monarcha and BadBob of the Haircut Crew on the trail. At the coast, Julie, Obie, Ed, Jim & son Austin, Tammy & Alan.

Funny, article "Queen of the Road" with 6931 miles. But they don't know Julie and her nearly 15,000 miles do they? Hahaha! Also a "Crit Eastwood" honorable mention comment.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SART 02/13/11

Another nice 42 mile ride Gina rode darn strong this weekend, really surprised me, I love it! Funny when we're in a line with dudes popping off the back and Gina's still kickin'. Part of the thrill I get when riding the trail haha! El Monarcha told us this morning that he was shocked and impressed with the way Gina rode yesterday. He said he was feeling a little heat and worried that he'd fall back only to watch Gina pull away. Ah I love these weekends when she rides so strong. Heck, she's talking about GMR again!

Sunday was another beautiful sunny day. Met up with BadBob on the trail who rode with us for while adding extra mileage. Julie and Obie showed up for a visit along with some of the regulars.

One dude asked me to take a pic of him and his son with his cellphone cam. Heck I offered to take his pic with my digicam. Told him he could look up my blog and copy the pic here. Hope he finds his way!

I'll be busy tonight so I'll post the pics and ad the video later;) After the ride, we did some posing and yes, that is a new yellow jersey haha!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SART 02/12/11

Well, it was a nice day on SART. Till I flatted! Hmmm, strange flat, instant flat. Checked it out, the seam split near the valve. Thank goodness it wasn't on the GMR descent. So we run into David (blue) who has completed 11 Ironman events. Funny, I thought his name was Rick, been calling him that for a year till today when he finally corrected me haha! Chatted for bit then headed to the coast where we met Kyle, another Ironman. Eric Anderson popped in on his bent. Got the scoop on his training then chatted with a friendly guy Russell(green shirt). He and his wife were out for a nice 10 miler with plans to kick it up. Herb and Alyce were there pulling their puppy in a cart. Nice, Alyce invited us on a ride next weekend. 45'ish miles on a trail that I'm not so sure if I've been on or not haha. Hopefully it works out, give me a chance to do something different and hit up another trail.

Also met up with a guy Michael from Riverside, an old vet with some good ole cycling stories. Then we headed back with El Monarch and a dude named Al that joined us for part of the return. Nice day with nice people!

I used a beach song from the Drifters. First off cause I really like the song and secondly, to rub it into the guys riding in the cold states since today was a nice sunny day haha!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raw Footage/ GMR Video Response

Well, "Freighttraininguphill" posted raw footage in her video climbing suffer fest. So I figured it was time for a response. I decided to push myself a bit on GMR, only the lower 4 miles. I was doing ok till I encountered FryDaddy. For those that don't know, FryDaddy is a 138 lb super climbing animal that lives on GMR. Well, he is up there every time I go. He makes most riders look bad and I know he let me win the sprint haha!

One poster (BillyDon)noticed that I always wear black sock so today,in his honor, I wore my white sucks with Rubba-Duckeys haha!

Hmm, after further review of the video, I see that I'm trying and he's not haha!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dancing...Nice Crosstraining

I had this clip of Gina and I practicing our dance moves from a while back (explains the PJ's:D). I figured it woud be cool to mix it in with some riding footage. If you've ever tried to learn some swing dance, it can be murder on the legs. We used to practice for hours, sweating like dogs and huffing and puffing like a long climb. Really a good workout no matter what some people might think of dancing.

Little history. Gina wanted to learn some swing and ballroom dance. She's always been shy and wouldn't dance in front of a crowd. But she wanted to learn so I bought a few instructional DVD's and learned the steps. I had to learn the woman's part too so that I could teach her the steps. We learned the Rumba, Cha-Cha, West coast and East Coast swing styles.

Pretty cool, not a routine but it's all done by hand signals, lifting and flicking of the hands etc.

Well, we went out dancing and she's still shy. Not even cured by a few margaritas so we don't go out but still dance in the livingroom every so often.

I remember practicing thinking this is good crosstraining, I was tired!

But I do know the woman's steps too so if any of you guys ever go out dancing but also have a shy wife, I know the steps Man!

Some mixed footage from Saturdays ride an clip from yesteryear

Sunday, February 6, 2011

SART 02/06/11

Sunday, another 42 on the trial with Gina. Met up with some dude at the coast (Gary). Pretty interesting bike, an old Peugot with some loud pumppegs. He says he's the original owner of the 1968 model. Pretty cool bike, Reynolds cromo lugged frame. Brian also showed up for a little while.

Gina was pretty tired after the ride today. She hasn't been on the bike much at all this year. I felt that way a couple weeks back and I felt for her so we did a nice weekend of "cruise Gina back into shape" pace rides. This may have been the first weeknd in some time that she did back to back rides on the weekend.

Tired Gina, Brian always wanted a twin brother so I gave him one haha! Gary.

After posting about the new Falconi shorts from, a poster in the Clyde forum said,"enough of the boring videos already, post some modeling pics of the new shorts". I bet he'll be shocked when I post these pics of my photoshoot. Photos courtesy of Gina Photography hahaha!