Saturday, February 12, 2011

SART 02/12/11

Well, it was a nice day on SART. Till I flatted! Hmmm, strange flat, instant flat. Checked it out, the seam split near the valve. Thank goodness it wasn't on the GMR descent. So we run into David (blue) who has completed 11 Ironman events. Funny, I thought his name was Rick, been calling him that for a year till today when he finally corrected me haha! Chatted for bit then headed to the coast where we met Kyle, another Ironman. Eric Anderson popped in on his bent. Got the scoop on his training then chatted with a friendly guy Russell(green shirt). He and his wife were out for a nice 10 miler with plans to kick it up. Herb and Alyce were there pulling their puppy in a cart. Nice, Alyce invited us on a ride next weekend. 45'ish miles on a trail that I'm not so sure if I've been on or not haha. Hopefully it works out, give me a chance to do something different and hit up another trail.

Also met up with a guy Michael from Riverside, an old vet with some good ole cycling stories. Then we headed back with El Monarch and a dude named Al that joined us for part of the return. Nice day with nice people!

I used a beach song from the Drifters. First off cause I really like the song and secondly, to rub it into the guys riding in the cold states since today was a nice sunny day haha!

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