Friday, February 4, 2011

Forum Member CheckSix First Time to the Village

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First time GMR ride to the village for forum member CheckSix. Yeah yeah, another one of those "I can't climb and I'm slow" guys that nearly puts a hurt on you trying to keep up with them. We both did a pretty consistent pace together which made it nice. I was worried about the tough section at 16 miles but chatting with Checksix made the miles go by. I wasn't even aware that we were on the tough section till he brought it up. He had to go ans ask where it was when I had already forgotten.

Well Check climbed well and for the first time, sheesh, made it look easy! We did meet RayClone on the road, cool guy. He was sitting at a landing above the shack then said, You're Mr. Beanz" as I rode up. Well we had a good time on the ride and some good convasatin'. I was a little worried when I got back to the truck and found a note on my windshield.:eek: Well nobody planted a bomb in my truck or went all John Lennon on my arse so I guess it's ok!

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