Sunday, February 27, 2011

SART 02/27/11

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A Very pretty day on the trail. 50 miler, cold at the start but the sun made it real nice! As always, no shortage of a big headwind. Gina was pretty happy. She found a head cover type thingy at Target. Pretty cool looking cycling cap looking beanie. Posing her new found friend that kept her ears warm in the cold air haha!

at the coast we ran into Jim and his son Raymond. Seems they were out testing a motor assisted cycle. Not sure if it past the test as Raymond was, well sort of seemed to be complaining that it maxed out at 15 mph. Just hope I don't see the dude flying down the trail @ 60mph anytime soon haha!

A short section at the start of our ride with Pinoybenter. Always a pleasure to speak with Ron. Plus a little fly-by of the RiverVelo riders!

Pictures: Michael (hand up waving) was a pretty happy man as his ride partners patted him on the back for being an animal on the bike. Dude on his Rocklobster, cool paint job. I didn't get his name but he was a friendly guy. Nice paint job on the fork. Jim and his son Raymond. A pic of the mountains as we were heading to the trial this morn. Gina posing her ear protection.

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