Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little X-Training...Jump rope!

Well, when Gina asked if I wanted another bike (29'er) I said no but I had been thinking about a jump rope. Been about 15 years since I used one but I need something to get me back into shape. Not bad for $10!

I got it so figured I'd give it a try today out in the garage. Like I said, been 15 years so it's sloppy but a darn good workout. Getting in a good 4 mintues of jumping made my legs hurt more than climbing 5000 ft on the bike haha! My heart was pound so loud that I picked it up on the recorder haha! Not till you start juming around that you realize your tummy is bigger than it should be. But Hey, even Rocky started somewhere!

Few years back I could jump forever. today I almost died with an actual 4 mintues of jumping time. That's 4 mintues not counting the screw up time having to get re-started. Give me a couple of weeks, I'll be jumping 10 no problem.

Ow, my legs hurt!

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