Thursday, March 31, 2011

GMR (one of those days) Thurs 03/31/11

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One of those days I should have just left the cameras at home. Not feeling too well last night. Plus I woke up a little weak in the stomach this morning. Oh well, got to get my butt in gear so I did GMR. A banana and a cup of yogurt. Hmm, didn't do the trick. Felt weak on the climb but I'm thinking I have more of a little bug or something. Back has been hurting for a couple days and I rarely have any back problems, only when I get a cold. But I'm not feeling the cold, just weak and worn. Big Sissy!

What the heck, got to ride RIGHT! Made my way up to the shack with a little posing here and there. Wow, that can zap the energy. Maybe it was the heat? It was pretty warm today. I don't think that was the problem though. Just a little sick, little sore throat too. I did go through two large water bottles today but my usual is one to the shack. Hmm !

At the end of the ride, a ride called out "Beanz". Turned out to be Bob from SART. He's training for Breathless Agony this year. Cool, good luck! Had a short chat then he headed off. I did get his name right but missed his friend's name Dave. Well, it's been about a year haha!

Hope this video works!


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