Sunday, March 6, 2011

SART Sunday 03/06/11

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Someone mentioned that Gina should do the interviews. I let her do a couple of interviews with the big stars. Cool ride today, lots of peeps. We saw (Playrider)Ken and vickie. They slowed and we weren't sure if they were stopping so we took off in the opposite direction as we were heading back with PinoyBenter and his time restrictions. We thought we'd seem them on our way back to the coast but didn't:(. Also saw Cachequatch near the coast. Had my head turned so I heard the shout. I was expecting to see him in a large group so a pair didn't capture my attention.

But we did ride for a bit with Pinoybenter. Ran into Mel and her S/O at Edna Park. She's always so much fun, so bright and always a smile. She rode with us on the way to the coast and darn she is getting strong. Caught a brief chat with The Haircut Crew and Eric Anderson at the coast. We did see Eric pull up behind us on the way to the coast. He offered to pull us for a bit but he guy is just too fast. Doing 26 into the wind would have killed us all ha ha! Crest dude Ed showed up with another jersey and fancy bike stand.

As we were about 1/2 mile from the coast I saw OCRoadie heading the opposite direction with his family. I had missed a family photo chance in the past and figured I should go back for the shot. Gina and a few headed on as I turned back. Had a brief meeting, a chat then headed back. I busted my butt trying to catch Gina but didn't, Grrr!

Gina/EricAnderson/George-Haircut Crew-Mel & Mark-Ed The Crest Dude- OCRoadie & family-El Monarcha/Gina/Pinoybenter

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