Saturday, March 5, 2011

SART Saturday 03/05/11

SART ride with Gina and El Monarcha. Ran into the Leaky Ftn Boyz at the start, been a while. BrokenRider already at 2000 miles for the year and aiming for 10,000! Had some laughs with the guys, KeithOC and Krylon included. When we got to the Honda Center park we ran into forum member JeffD and his stoker Katey, Mike from Coates and Joe. I had met Joe about 2 years ago at Coates and had a pretty good chat. He recognized me at the Honda Center. Pretty cool guys and they look like darn good riders. JeffD and his stoker Katey rode from Redlands to the coast, having lunch then heading back. Whoa, that's a good ride! Not to mention, the JeffD tandem team did Leadville on the tandem.

On the return portion we saw Tammy and Alan. Tammy's been doing some Tri & Marathon training with coworkers. She mentioned that her employer offered jerseys to the team members. She was wearing a new jersey today so she may have finally gotten it. Alan, well he was to busy hiding from the camera ha ha!

Other than that, just a pretty day on the trail and at the beach!

Darn it! I accidentally deleted the video! Sorry!:(

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