Saturday, July 27, 2013

GMR and Forehead Bee Sting ;-(

Nice humid ride today. Felt pretty warm even though the sun was not full shine. At the start we were easily passed by what I believe was AdoboVelo. Man those guys are fast, all of them! On the way up Julius slowed to say hello. That guy has been working out or something cause his legs were cut. GMR will do that to ya!

Gina struggled today not having done much climbing lately but who cares, she made it! I like to point out some of the blabber mouth on line personalities with custom climbing bikes and gears that avoid GMR like the plague. So it's a breath of fresh air to see women like Gina and Alyce hop on a bike and do the climb with no excuses on not so fancy bikes. So when Gina says she struggled on the climb, it's always a little encouraging to her when I bring up the on line posers ha ha! You know the type, the posers that criticizes us for riding SART, done every ride but under tougher conditions and lived to tell about it, but yet poops their pants we invite them to join us up GMR! ;-)

At the shack we ran into GMR and Matt for a visit and some fun chat. always good to see them up there. They left a few minutes before us then we headed down. Lucky me, I got hit on the forehead by a bee and need I say more? Yes, another sting, that is like 2 in 3 weeks. I swell so it sucks. Right between the eyes so now my eyes are swollen and the upper section of my nose is too. Kind of cool though, I look something like a werewolf ha ha!

I also stopped rather quickly for a cold pack to place on the sting hoping it would minimize the damage. No it didn't but I did forget to turn off my Garmin so I set plenty of records driving home. One was 51 mph sprint across the flats ha ha! Well it didn't look right with all those trophies on my Strava page so I deleted it and entered manually. I lose credit for the gain but oh well!

No music video, all chatting and stuff with friends.

                                                     OK, that's it, my face is swollen!

                                                                   The next day!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

GMR with Hillbasher

Same ol GMR ride to the shack, 8 mile climb with 2300 ft. Crazy Hillbasher hasn't been on the for 9 months but he was happy to get on and head up GMR. I figure we'd do a nice cruise up since neither one of us is ready for a climb but he did it and made it look rather easy. I know if I were of the bike for 9 months, I'd be struggling just to sit on the bike for 5 minutes much less pedal.

Nice day for a GMR ride, cloudy and cool. Didn't see the sun peek out till we were near the top. LOTS of riders up there today. I guess some event going on. We stopped 4 miles up for a stretch and in a matter of a couple of minutes we saw gangs of riders roll by.

As I always say, the GMR riders are a different breed. Much more encouraging riders than other places we ride.

Did run into Matt and the Famous GMR Blogger (link on right side of my blog). Been a while so it was nice to see them again. Well, I guess if I'd get my butt up GMR more often ha ha!

Monday, July 15, 2013

SART Weekend

Nice weekend in riding. Saturday Gina and I headed off alone on our 42 miler. Soon ran into Mark at Edna Park who rode with us to the coast. He did a long pull into the wind approaching the coast. Hey, fine with me, I was tired. Felt kind of funny, not sure if it was the wind or that I ate about half as much for breakfast. Could just be old age ha ha! The return was much nicer with the tailwind but still feeling a little tired even though we did a decent pace.

Sunday we did the 42 again but this time with Aimee. I ate better this morning and felt much better. Felt good the entire time. I thought maybe less wind but Gina said the wind was stronger today, I dunno, I felt good so it's all good!

Did see Alex2 at the coast on Saturday. Crossed paths with Jose of RiverVelo. Even saw Octico, man the dude looks younger as he ages. Must be the cycling. We left together but only a minute or two into the ride he was flying away (as seen in the video). Saw Bad Bob heading the opposite way. I tried to go slo-mo on the video as he passed but somehow missed and captured the booty girl instead ha ha! Hmmm! I guess I am just getting old cause I screwed up the video. I posted the bikini girl waling up the ramp two times in the video. Really, that one I didn't do intentionally  :-)

Warning again. If you are offended by a bouncing booty on a bike, don't watch the video. I'm surely not offended. Just to prove it. I posted a replay of that clip ha ha!

I had a hard time picking one so I picked three! ;-)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

SART 7/6/13

50 miles with Aimee and Gina. Gina wasn't feeling well and barfed at about mile 20 but still managed to whip out a 50 miler.  Pics for now, maybe video later. 

I figured I would't take pics today but then the Big Guns step up! ;-)