Saturday, July 20, 2013

GMR with Hillbasher

Same ol GMR ride to the shack, 8 mile climb with 2300 ft. Crazy Hillbasher hasn't been on the for 9 months but he was happy to get on and head up GMR. I figure we'd do a nice cruise up since neither one of us is ready for a climb but he did it and made it look rather easy. I know if I were of the bike for 9 months, I'd be struggling just to sit on the bike for 5 minutes much less pedal.

Nice day for a GMR ride, cloudy and cool. Didn't see the sun peek out till we were near the top. LOTS of riders up there today. I guess some event going on. We stopped 4 miles up for a stretch and in a matter of a couple of minutes we saw gangs of riders roll by.

As I always say, the GMR riders are a different breed. Much more encouraging riders than other places we ride.

Did run into Matt and the Famous GMR Blogger (link on right side of my blog). Been a while so it was nice to see them again. Well, I guess if I'd get my butt up GMR more often ha ha!

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