Thursday, March 31, 2011

GMR (one of those days) Thurs 03/31/11

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One of those days I should have just left the cameras at home. Not feeling too well last night. Plus I woke up a little weak in the stomach this morning. Oh well, got to get my butt in gear so I did GMR. A banana and a cup of yogurt. Hmm, didn't do the trick. Felt weak on the climb but I'm thinking I have more of a little bug or something. Back has been hurting for a couple days and I rarely have any back problems, only when I get a cold. But I'm not feeling the cold, just weak and worn. Big Sissy!

What the heck, got to ride RIGHT! Made my way up to the shack with a little posing here and there. Wow, that can zap the energy. Maybe it was the heat? It was pretty warm today. I don't think that was the problem though. Just a little sick, little sore throat too. I did go through two large water bottles today but my usual is one to the shack. Hmm !

At the end of the ride, a ride called out "Beanz". Turned out to be Bob from SART. He's training for Breathless Agony this year. Cool, good luck! Had a short chat then he headed off. I did get his name right but missed his friend's name Dave. Well, it's been about a year haha!

Hope this video works!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kevin & Dave (SART 03/26/11) Saturday

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Met a couple of dudes at the coast. Nice guys, had a nice chat. Kevin and his father Dave. Kevin is a new rider on his 5th ride and already doing a 55 miler. Wow, that's cool! Nice to see people out there just diggin' the bike. Seems that Father Dave had done some cycling in the past but now re entering the cycling world in order to enjoy it with his son, Cool Man! I had planned to work this video into another but nuttin' doing. So I guess they get the spotlight in this one ha ha!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tues 03/29 Around Bonelli with Gina

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Just a nice cruise around Bonelli with Gina. Now that the rain is gone we need to start taking advantage of daylight savings time. Nice ride but once we got home, I'm starting to realize my days as a videographer and photographer are limited. First other people, including FryDaddy start with the videos and higher tech recorders. Then after looking at the pics we took of each other on today's ride, I see Gina's shot looks much better than mine. I'm pretty much cooked haha!

Well, just a nice cruise to stretch the legs and Gina picked the song.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday SART Race, Umm, I guess!

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OK, so it's hard being nice all the time so today, this is a poopy report haha! Somebody on the forums once mentioned that I should do a video titled "worst of" when I mentioned dopey riders..... here it is! Well, just one incident and my pet peeve. Riders that block you from passing then pretend you're in a race you don't know about. etc.

Ride start with Me, Gina and another dude that asked if he could tag along on our rides (forum member (El Monarcha). He's a strong rider but he just stays out of the way, doesn't say much either.

So we're riding, holding our pace just rolling along. Pretty breezy so doing 18 is pretty tough with the constant headwind. We roll up on another couple. I ring my bell, shout onyerleft and begin the pass. We're moving passed the gal when the dude picks up the pace. Great! Now we're left hanging in the lane of opposing trail traffic. So I back off the pedals just a bit so that we can move back into the proper lane. He pulls away so we resume our steady pace. His woman has hopped on the back of our line, no biggie!

Next thing I know, and expect, the dude fades and we are catching back up. No, I am not increasing the pace. As soon as we are about 20 yards from the dude, his woman goes sprinting around and jumps his back wheel. No Biggie!

So we continue and they both fade a bit more. So once again, I have to do the routine for a safe pass and hope the guy doesn't pull the stunt again.:mad: I use all the proper signals then he waves me around on his right side! WTF! I shout, "I'm passing on your left !!"

So we pass then he hops on the back of the line. Pfft! So I whip out my recorder and get a shot of the guy. Of course he backs off to make it look like he wasn't sucking ha ha! I continue with my pace wishing I had recorded them from the start as I was sort of expecting this behaviour as I've seen it so many times before. Seems we just can't ever pass other riders without them blocking our pass and thinking we are racing in the TDF.

So I look back only to see that his woman is about 50 yards back. I've seen this before, the guy is just too macho to let other riders pass without the fear of thinking others might consider him weak. So he sucks our wheel for a bit, his woman falls far back and he just leaves her. So after he rests, as expected he sprints around and lifts the pace. I just laugh and mention to Gina, "he'll fade".....again!

Sure enough he fades and we almost catch him at a bridge crossing. He sees us then steps on it once again, OK! Still, I am just doing a consistent pace. Sure enough we see him down the road again. He's fading fast and he can't hold his race pace. We roll by and sure enough, once again, he hops on. Pfft!

At one point of the trail, there is a big water puddle so we take caution going around. As we regroup, the dude cuts off our ride partner (El Monarcha). That's it, we stopped at a park just to lose the guy. I can't take this and it happens all the time. Some dude that thinks just because we're out riding our bikes, we're racing Gimme a break! This happens all the time. Where are all these people that claim they just ride and mind their own business?

Too many times I tell myself I should catch these guys on video, this time I did haha!

Well nice thing to day is we met a couple of new riders. Father and son hitting the trail. I have some video but wil post it with tomorrow's since it's a short one.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GMR 03/22/11

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Getting cabin fever, had to go out an hope it didn't rain today. For once the weather dude was right, no rain ha ha! Quickly ran into FryDaddy finishing up his 3T time trial with the Boyz. He had his recorder so he followed me up for bit for a little video chat. Hmm, sounds like he has a plan for a major movie in the works.

So I continued fiddling up the mountain getting passed by some hardcore looking riders. If I'm not mistaken, I might have heard that the local races are near. Seems that this time of year, the riders on GRM are superfast. Then I ran into Jerry and Linda at Newman's Point. Taking a few pictures with snow capped mountains in the background. I had to stop for a little chat, cool couple.

Hit the landing just above the shack, stopped for some pics then headed down. Ran into John heading up on an MTB. He was riding up looking for a few snow pics of is own. Heck, I took advantage of it and asked him to shoot a pic of me with the city in the background. While stopped there, a couple riders riders flew by and called out Beanz. I thought it was Keith but now I'm not so sure cause he looked smaller in the video. Got a still of the guys so maybe they'll fess up ha ha!

Ah-hahhh! Rider fessed up, turns out to be FullCarbon from the forums. ;)

Pictures: John in the green vest. Two dudes on the way up that knew me (still shots) . Another dude coming up from the fork, friendly guy and some dude (still shot) on a bike with fenders. That's cool, bigger variety on GMR.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday SART 03/12/11

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April 9th

Saturday was just another trail ride and I figured I wouldn't make a video . But I ran into Alex2, took some video but still wasn't sure if I'd make one. Then I ran into a couple of riders, Gale and Mark.

These two seemed like very nice people and really pumped about riding. They mentioned Joseph Machado, 13 yo kid who rode his bike across America raising money to help kids with medical needs. Seemed like a good cause and they thought it was strange that he didn't advertise much. Heck, I'm not one to advertise but seems like a good cause.

30 miler in Rancho. Never heard of the ride but might be a fun ride. Maybe I'll sign Gina up and I'll follow as support.:D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SART Sunday 03/06/11

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Someone mentioned that Gina should do the interviews. I let her do a couple of interviews with the big stars. Cool ride today, lots of peeps. We saw (Playrider)Ken and vickie. They slowed and we weren't sure if they were stopping so we took off in the opposite direction as we were heading back with PinoyBenter and his time restrictions. We thought we'd seem them on our way back to the coast but didn't:(. Also saw Cachequatch near the coast. Had my head turned so I heard the shout. I was expecting to see him in a large group so a pair didn't capture my attention.

But we did ride for a bit with Pinoybenter. Ran into Mel and her S/O at Edna Park. She's always so much fun, so bright and always a smile. She rode with us on the way to the coast and darn she is getting strong. Caught a brief chat with The Haircut Crew and Eric Anderson at the coast. We did see Eric pull up behind us on the way to the coast. He offered to pull us for a bit but he guy is just too fast. Doing 26 into the wind would have killed us all ha ha! Crest dude Ed showed up with another jersey and fancy bike stand.

As we were about 1/2 mile from the coast I saw OCRoadie heading the opposite direction with his family. I had missed a family photo chance in the past and figured I should go back for the shot. Gina and a few headed on as I turned back. Had a brief meeting, a chat then headed back. I busted my butt trying to catch Gina but didn't, Grrr!

Gina/EricAnderson/George-Haircut Crew-Mel & Mark-Ed The Crest Dude- OCRoadie & family-El Monarcha/Gina/Pinoybenter

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SART Saturday 03/05/11

SART ride with Gina and El Monarcha. Ran into the Leaky Ftn Boyz at the start, been a while. BrokenRider already at 2000 miles for the year and aiming for 10,000! Had some laughs with the guys, KeithOC and Krylon included. When we got to the Honda Center park we ran into forum member JeffD and his stoker Katey, Mike from Coates and Joe. I had met Joe about 2 years ago at Coates and had a pretty good chat. He recognized me at the Honda Center. Pretty cool guys and they look like darn good riders. JeffD and his stoker Katey rode from Redlands to the coast, having lunch then heading back. Whoa, that's a good ride! Not to mention, the JeffD tandem team did Leadville on the tandem.

On the return portion we saw Tammy and Alan. Tammy's been doing some Tri & Marathon training with coworkers. She mentioned that her employer offered jerseys to the team members. She was wearing a new jersey today so she may have finally gotten it. Alan, well he was to busy hiding from the camera ha ha!

Other than that, just a pretty day on the trail and at the beach!

Darn it! I accidentally deleted the video! Sorry!:(

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Thurs MTB Ride

A little bit of MTB today. Didn't want to do anything too extreme cause my legs are still sore from the jump rope. I usually do 2 loops on Claremont Hills no problem. Today I did one and that was enough. Well I did Cruise the area for a while after the climb trying to stretch the legs. One loop of claremont is 5 miles but the first two is an 1800 ft gain. While warming up on the flat section, my calves were so stiff I was doing about 3 mph haha!

Nothing exciting with the vid so I just extracted a couple stills and a couple pics. The flatter section at the top and a little bit of mist.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little X-Training...Jump rope!

Well, when Gina asked if I wanted another bike (29'er) I said no but I had been thinking about a jump rope. Been about 15 years since I used one but I need something to get me back into shape. Not bad for $10!

I got it so figured I'd give it a try today out in the garage. Like I said, been 15 years so it's sloppy but a darn good workout. Getting in a good 4 mintues of jumping made my legs hurt more than climbing 5000 ft on the bike haha! My heart was pound so loud that I picked it up on the recorder haha! Not till you start juming around that you realize your tummy is bigger than it should be. But Hey, even Rocky started somewhere!

Few years back I could jump forever. today I almost died with an actual 4 mintues of jumping time. That's 4 mintues not counting the screw up time having to get re-started. Give me a couple of weeks, I'll be jumping 10 no problem.

Ow, my legs hurt!