Saturday, February 5, 2011

SART 02/05/11

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SART Thread

Gina and I did a somewhat recovery ride on SART. 42 miles at cruise pace. I really felt GMR in my legs (gotta be old age catching up) so it was nice to let Gina do some of the pulling on the way back. I pretended to be taking vids and pics for an excuse to stay behind in the draft haha!

When we approached the coast, I saw our buddy George speaking with a small group of riders. Kept hearing my name come from George's mouth so I was a little worried since George is quite the character. Was a little while before the riders he entertained turned our way. Just as they were about to ride away one of the guys asks if I was on the forum. Yup! Turns out it's member kandyredcoi, his honey Fay and member Verone. I talked to the guys for a bit but didn't mingle much with Fay. But during postride talk, Gina mentioned that Fay seemed like a very very nice gal!

I mentioned the new home of the SART thread and the riders knew it as "the Panda".:p

I also met a couple of rides on a tandem, Sheila and Brian for the Riverside Club. I had seen this couple on the TDFoothills riding Baldy Rd. We spoke for a while, seemed like nice people.

Lots of interviews in the video and I didn't pay crazy BoyLd (Boyd).

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