Sunday, February 6, 2011

SART 02/06/11

Sunday, another 42 on the trial with Gina. Met up with some dude at the coast (Gary). Pretty interesting bike, an old Peugot with some loud pumppegs. He says he's the original owner of the 1968 model. Pretty cool bike, Reynolds cromo lugged frame. Brian also showed up for a little while.

Gina was pretty tired after the ride today. She hasn't been on the bike much at all this year. I felt that way a couple weeks back and I felt for her so we did a nice weekend of "cruise Gina back into shape" pace rides. This may have been the first weeknd in some time that she did back to back rides on the weekend.

Tired Gina, Brian always wanted a twin brother so I gave him one haha! Gary.

After posting about the new Falconi shorts from, a poster in the Clyde forum said,"enough of the boring videos already, post some modeling pics of the new shorts". I bet he'll be shocked when I post these pics of my photoshoot. Photos courtesy of Gina Photography hahaha!


  1. Hi, I thought I recognize that bright yellow color on that sunday. I think I saw you guys at newport (rest area), and on the way back up SART.

    I did think "is that Mr. Beanz?" while riding back home.

    - Phong (ethereal714) in socalbikeforums.

  2. Were you the guy that blew past us like a rocket?