Saturday, February 19, 2011

GMR/ Some Snow & Eyemage 02/19/11

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Well, my plan was to ride SART in the rain on my MTB. A little something different but then Eyemage calls and asks if I'd be interested in a GMR run since it's not s'posed to rain at about 1 pm. Huh, no rain on GMR? Heck, let's go for it anyways, I'm ready for rain on knobbie tires!

So we're at the start and no rain, Pfft! Bummer. We're riding up higher when Eyemage points out the rain from a distance, it's coming! We hit Newman's Saddle (6 miles up) and it's freezing. Still the entire ride to the shack and no rain, bummer. Just as I lay down my bike Eyemage says it's snowing. Snow, I wanted rain but snow? Heck, I thought Eyemage was done with his business but he went back for seconds and I was off. We were at the shack for about 2 minutes, no more.

Light snow at the start of the descent but man, snow hurts the eyeballs. Next thing I know, hail! Hurts but no problem.. Then BAM, bunch-o-hail! Ow, now that hurts haha! Then more snow, then rain, then hail but we escape with our lives.

Next thing I know I see some dude coming up on a roadbike, not quite yet in the storm but it's freaking freezing at this point. I'm thinking I should warn this dude (as Eyemage did moments earlier) but after a good look, it's Hillbasher. I know the dude is nuts (and always well prepared) so I let him ride by with a greet.

The last few miles down were also freezing with the wind and all. But we lived and managed to make our way back to The Habit for some goodies and some classic Eyemage interview haha!

Jason at the start of the climb, superfast dude!


  1. Eyemage does an excellent impersonation of the Beanz invite. "Hey lets just go up GMR," (head shifts to the right and the eyes look up) "and lets take our mountain bikes cause it might rain." Only one person can laugh, cry ouch and take a video at the same time hail and snow is pummeling their body while pedaling a bike along GMR. His name is Mr. Beanz and his legendary rides bring buzz to cycling community. What an epic cycle.

  2. Thanks GMR! I only wish I could incorporate the touch such as that of the poetic GMR blogger!;)