Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dancing...Nice Crosstraining

I had this clip of Gina and I practicing our dance moves from a while back (explains the PJ's:D). I figured it woud be cool to mix it in with some riding footage. If you've ever tried to learn some swing dance, it can be murder on the legs. We used to practice for hours, sweating like dogs and huffing and puffing like a long climb. Really a good workout no matter what some people might think of dancing.

Little history. Gina wanted to learn some swing and ballroom dance. She's always been shy and wouldn't dance in front of a crowd. But she wanted to learn so I bought a few instructional DVD's and learned the steps. I had to learn the woman's part too so that I could teach her the steps. We learned the Rumba, Cha-Cha, West coast and East Coast swing styles.

Pretty cool, not a routine but it's all done by hand signals, lifting and flicking of the hands etc.

Well, we went out dancing and she's still shy. Not even cured by a few margaritas so we don't go out but still dance in the livingroom every so often.

I remember practicing thinking this is good crosstraining, I was tired!

But I do know the woman's steps too so if any of you guys ever go out dancing but also have a shy wife, I know the steps Man!

Some mixed footage from Saturdays ride an clip from yesteryear


  1. I love it! My wife and I used to dance west coast swing and the hustle!

  2. Cool! I dont know why we don't dance more often. Hey,maybe a dance and ride competition haha!