Sunday, February 13, 2011

SART 02/13/11

Another nice 42 mile ride Gina rode darn strong this weekend, really surprised me, I love it! Funny when we're in a line with dudes popping off the back and Gina's still kickin'. Part of the thrill I get when riding the trail haha! El Monarcha told us this morning that he was shocked and impressed with the way Gina rode yesterday. He said he was feeling a little heat and worried that he'd fall back only to watch Gina pull away. Ah I love these weekends when she rides so strong. Heck, she's talking about GMR again!

Sunday was another beautiful sunny day. Met up with BadBob on the trail who rode with us for while adding extra mileage. Julie and Obie showed up for a visit along with some of the regulars.

One dude asked me to take a pic of him and his son with his cellphone cam. Heck I offered to take his pic with my digicam. Told him he could look up my blog and copy the pic here. Hope he finds his way!

I'll be busy tonight so I'll post the pics and ad the video later;) After the ride, we did some posing and yes, that is a new yellow jersey haha!

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