Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday 8/23/14 47 Miler

A nice ride, felt good but 5 miles from the finish, Gina managed to get a head ache. Still did pretty good on the return but we cruised back. Started the rid with Jose but Alan showed up at the start so he rolled with us. Near the coast it was getting pretty windy so I figured I'd call the guy sup to the front. Jose took a pull and did very well. Nice steady pace into the wind. Just about when I would think Alan was gong to go to the front he pretended to have his phone ring. I heard him vocally call out a ring, " rrrring! rrrring!". Then he dropped back to answer it. I dunno but later when we ran into Tammy, his wife, he had her verify to us that she had really called. Umm OK, we don;t need a note from your mommy! :-P But I know I heard him call out "rrrring! rrring!". Alan says I am a cyber bully but don't believe him h ah aha!

Gina, Jose and  as we like to call him "Ring Ring"! :-P

                                                  Ring Ring wanted a pic sans helmet!



                                               Nice jugs, err I mean Camelback bottle!

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