Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Windy Tandem Ride

Wow another windy ride on SART! Whassup with dat?! At times we were pushing hard and only holding 13 MPH into the wind heading to Imperial. But again, once we headed back from the coast it seemed the wind was against us again. Couldn't catch any breaks today!

Should have another short video at a later time..

PLUS!!! I have been posting in a quiet little forum called Cyclingforumsdotcom. I just started a "DID YOU RIDE TODAY??? THREAD". It is in the road cycling section. I've been posting pics and vids there. So if anyone is interested in seeing any of their pics or videos and having a chance to reply, join up! Not much going on there but it's cool and civil!

CAUTION: If you post there, at times after you push "post", the page will go blank and it will seem that your post did not work. It does, just go back to the forum and check or you run the risk of double, triple posting ha ha!

The thread: Linky clicky! :_P


The forum:

Today's images from the video:

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