Saturday, July 28, 2012

SART 60 Miles (Green River)

A nice ride with Gina and Aimee to Green River once again. We've been increasing the mileage over the last few weeks and Gina's doing very well with it. Never a problem for Aimee and Gina did very well today, rode strong. 60 miles at 16.4 average according to the Garmin.

The ride. We headed off to Green River but on the return we were joined by The Legend Greg for a section of the trail. At Green River we ran into Alex2 who stopped with us for a short visit. At the coast we ran into forum member Yen and her hubby on a group ride. We talked for a bit but her group headed out during that time . I missed a good pic of Yen because she ran off, mounted her horse and took off in a mad dash ha ha!

Didn't have much as far as video so I figure I will wait and add on the little bit o stuff on got on tomorrow's video. A weekend video if you will! ;-)

Alex2 Exclusives! His wife has a hard time getting him to smile for pics but I've got a few now. The very rare Alex2 photo collection. Heck, I might start charging his wife for the pics ha ha!

                                                       Yen and Mr. Yen of the 50+ forums.                                                

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