Sunday, July 22, 2012

SART 7/22/12

Another 42 on the trail today with Gina and El Monarcha (Jose). As soon as we entered the trail we ran into Jose from River Velo. Jose did 96 yesterday and 68 today, wow! But as soon as he joined us he flatted. He stopped for a quick fix while we stopped at the Honda Center park for the facilities. Nice ride back to Yorba where he started as we stopped under the trees for a stretch. Then David the multi time Iron Man runs up for a quick visit.

We then part and head to the coast. Pretty windy today so Jose asks if he can take a pull. Sure, go right ahead ha ha! He did very well and kept a nice pace for a few miles while I enjoyed the ride. Nice day at the coast but not as hot as yesterday. We head back as Gina has some stuff to do. 

Funny, yesterday I told Gina I dusted off my Cannondale so that I could ride it today. I showed it to her after it was polished. This morning when I loaded it on the truck, then we started riding. As soon as Jose from River Velo pulled up he said,"oh, you're on a different bike today". Then Gina asked, "you are?" then started laughing cause she had no idea, uh OK ha ha! Either way, the bike rides nice. The Madone is full carbon and the Canni is CAD3 but man, I just don't see much difference in the ride, if any at all. I guess I'm just a lead butt I guess! After swapping the rims to the Madone, my poor Canni has franken bike wheels ha ha. But it still rides great IMO.

What it takes to ride the B-Train...Determination


                                                                 .....and humor!

                                                         Multi time Iron Man David

                               El Monarcha minutes before Dropping Da Bomb on the riders up ahead

                                                      Another rider that just won't smile

                                               I tried again but no smile, can't say I didn't try!

                                    Near the end of the ride and I think I see some Gina sweat

                                                     My FrankenDale...still rides great IMO!

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