Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th on SART

Wow, what a day! Gina and I back on SART only to meet more super people. We did see a few of the regulars too. First of all, we saw AZNCarbos on the trail. I'm not sure but I think he pulled over and I didn't stop. Sorry about that AC, Gina had just ticked me off so I was punishing her by lifting the pace, Ah the joys of a couple that rides together, you can settle your differences on the bike ha ha! FTR, I did feel better when we reached the coast!

At the coast we met up with Herb, Alyce and another regular named Jordan on his commuter (folding bike look-a-like). Then Eric Anderson rolled up. There were plenty of people so I didn't get a chance to hang with them all. Mark was also there without the company of his wife Gail. And Jeeze, I could not remember Mark's name. He has one of those names that's so easy it slips my mind. Gina made me write his name 50 times on the chalkboard so that I don't forget it again.

I only had a brief chance to talk with Herb and Alyce but turns out that Herb and Tim are long lost brothers. Those of you that know Tim, please don't hold it against Herb ha ha! Tim doesn't play on the net so I can say things like that and he'll never know he he! I did tell him that and he just laughed, got a good sense of humor. We did see Tony and Ed as well. Ed cruising the trail with his partner Snoopy. Yes, Thong Dude showed up again. Wow, tons of people whistling and shouting as he rolls down the path. I don't know how the guy does it, rolling along in front of thousands of people and nothing phases him. I got a great video shot but didn't include it this time. Tony was in it and he had a look on his face that I would not show in public ha ha! Plus it was Renee and Rick's first time on video. I figured that if they email their first ride video link home to Mom and Pop, they'd be in for a big shock.

There were so many people that Mark makes friends with a couple, Renee and Rick (oh no, another easy name Ha!) after we're free he introduces them to us. Wow, Mark said some nice things. He told them I was a very nice person and that I had talent. How much is of that is true, I don't know but sounds good during an introduction to new friends ha ha! Renee and Rick are a pretty cool couple and know plenty about cycling. Renee raced on a women's team back in St Louis, Rick helped coach the team. One guy and 50 women, poor guy! Rick mentioned something about "robbing the cradle". Rick and I are the same age but the comment was directed at Renee. No way, she looks 20 years younger than the rest of us. I'm not even going to talk about it anymore cause the more I do, the older I feel ha ha!

Also met another new friend Pete from GuadaLa-Habra. Wow, I'm surprised meeting people for the first time but they can tell me about the videos and my postings. Like I've said many times before, I do it for fun and kicks so when a new friend compliments my stuff, it's an honor to even think that somebody watches this stuff ha ha! Pete had nothing but good things to say about the postings, so thanks Pete! Mark, Pete, Rick, Renee, Gina and I all rode back together which made for a nice ride. Had another chance to talk with Pete at the end of the ride, so that was real cool. Bike chat is always a good thing!

After the ride, Gina and I ate, headed home. a quick break and glance at video footage then switched out bikes so that we could head down the road to watch a fireworks display at Upland HS. Cool show but he best part was listening to the little kids shout with joy after every bang!

Riding to the fireworks show.


  1. Great Post daddy-O! Had a better 4th than I did. I got a migraine (I get that from you, so thanks!) Little Beanz over here saw your banner and said, "What the... Papa Beanz has a makeup blog too??" HAHA Love ya :-P

  2. Yup, migraines are a bummer! Funny lil Beanz. Love ya too!