Monday, July 11, 2011

SART Sunday 07/10/11

Another fun day on the trail. Started out with Abec and Aimee but they quickly vanished into thin air. So we cruised along with El Monarcha picking up a few riders here and there like Gem of RiverVelo. At the coast we had a few laughs with Bad Bob and The Legend Greg. Then AznCarbos rolls up to add to the laughs and some commentary on Thong Dude. Thong Dude must be crazy, showed up about a month ago and has shown his cheeks every weekend since then. Well it adds to the entertainment. Abec figures he heard of the Beanz Blog and trying to get a spot on the show ha ha!

We have a nice visit then roll back at a relaxed pace with Mark, Herb & Alyce, and El Monarcha, and a nice tailwind. A little conversation with Alyce tells me she's hooked on GMR. We're going again on Saturday, maybe a few extra miles on GRR. Yeah, she's hooked ha ha!

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