Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sat Evening GMR Ride with Gina and Hillbasher

Saturday eve was a little something different. HB wanted to ride up GMR in the evening so we did. Started off about 6:30 and it was still HOT! A little to hot for Gina I think. She really struggles with the heat and climbing GMR doesn't make it any easier but she's a trooper.

At mile 6 heading up to the shack she said go on ahead as we were running out of daylight time and I had no lights figuring we'd be up and down quickly. HB is known as the most prepared rider in the state so he had his lights handy ha ha! So HB and I kick it up to the shack at full bore on the last 2 miles. We get up then turn right around to meet Gina on the way up. She always says she'll be far behind but there she was on the last stretch to the shack.

Right as we were heading down we encountered a couple of riders. I'm thinking one may have been BitingDuck but not sure. He was flying up the hill too fast for a good look ha ha! I would have stopped for a hello but I wanted to get back to Gina quickly as I rarely leave her behind on a ride, especially GMR. On the way up we saw FullCarbon/Redal roll by. I wasn't expecting him to turn around so quickly and didn't have my recorder out when he rolled by. He rolled by and shouted "no camera?". I shouted I had it but he kept on rolling. More than likely couldn't hear with the wind. Sooner or later, he'll have to stop for a pic and an interview ha ha!

We did get down right as it got dark. Our plan was to grab a bite to eat after the ride so we hit up Sergio's at Lorraine and Rt 66. Nice surprise, HB offered to pay. Gina and HB went back and forth for a bit about the bill. Heck, I just eat so I wasn't involved ha ha! So anyway, a big thanks to HB for a tasty meal!

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