Thursday, July 7, 2011

Claremont MTB in the Heat

Well today was a little different. I figured I'd do some climbing in the dirt and heat. It was 90 degrees when I started and 91 when I was finished. I started about 3 pm figuring I could use some heat acclimation training ha ha! Yeah boy it was hot! In the mornings both parking lots are full of cars as well all shoulders surrounding the lots. At 3 pm in the heat, there were only 3 or 4 cars ha ha! I got front row parking this time.

So I head up and it's hot! Did I say that already? I did somewhat of a 2 loop ride on the trail. First 2 1/5 mile climb was torture. Legs were feeling the heat and felt like lead. My intentions before actually riding in the heat were to do 2 loops if I could handle it. I felt OK at the top but as fa a second climb, I'd have to go across and down then decide.

At the bottom I felt OK to do a second climb. It actually felt a bit cooler than at the start. Maybe I was adjusting to the heat cause it was actually one degree hotter than when I started. On the first loop I encountered 3 large swarms of bees at different sections along the top side of the trail. SO my plan was to do the climb then turn around for the descent rather than risking another bee encounter. They didn't bother this time me but every time I get stung it gets worse so I wasn't taking any chances. Chalk up one in the heat!

I did take a few pics on the way down. One dude on an MTB rolled by while I was posing. The others are some cooler looking shots of the covered descent.

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  1. That and I motivated myself with my own video ha ha ha ha!

  2. BTW, you're slick Stugi, I can't slip anything by you! ;-)