Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bonelli Park/ Covina Hills

Wowee!! It was a hot one. 94 at the end of the ride. Not sure why but all my ride partners try to kill me on the rides. Hillbasher suggested a ride around Bonelli Park. I was expecting a few loops around the park but he took me on a tour of Covina. Nice 20 miler with some hills and some short steep sections to test the legs.

Nice hills along the course but I think it's more the heat that is a factor. I only had one water bottle figuring we'd stay along the park. My thoughts were that if I had one, that would force us to stop along the way for a break and some water. I'm not real familiar with the outer sections of the park so I had to ration my water not knowing where the heck I was ha ha! Hillbasher keeps talking about being out of shape but the freaker kept lifting the pace forcing me to play catch up. Another one of those guys ha ha! Only 20 miles but with the heat, I felt like I had done 40.

A picture of an actual Hillbasher smile, very rare!

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