Sunday, August 28, 2011

SART 08/28/11

Nice 42 mile ride with Gina and El Monarcha on SART. More of a breeze today but with the heat, heck, I'll take it. We left Upland at 9:15 heading to the trial head, temps were already 100 degrees according to the local bank on the corner ha ha. Gina suffered yesterday but did very well today.

Caught a fly by of Greg and Bad Bob, lots of yelling and funny faces! Eric Anderson caught us at the start and was nice enough to ride with us for a while with some tales of bicycle bad luck (tires). I didn't capture it on video but one of his comments was similar to "If Beanz can do the lifts.....". I'm expecting He'll be out there on Baldy Road real soon ha ha!

Jeff and Angie mentioned yesterday that they may show up and ride with us on today's ride. Yup, they showed. They are pretty darn fast on the tandem so I talked them into holding down the pace a bit so that we could gets some footage. Jeff said it was up to Angie and her strong muscular 35 mph legs. Luckily she agreed but the camera work is a little shaky. Heck, it's hard holding the pace at 24 mph with one hand on the bars and one on the recorder. Yes, they are fast! But Gina actually did a PR on the short drop while trying to hold their wheel. She hit 32 while they hit 35!

It was a cool ride though. Angie is quite the bicycle enthusiast. Plenty of hoots and hollers! It was good thing that they were at the end of their ride and we only had to hang for 7 miles before hitting their trail exit. Anymore would have killed me ha ha!

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