Saturday, August 27, 2011

SART 08/27/11

Lots of friends out on the trail today. A hot one so you have to figure they were all there to beat the heat. This is a good example of why we head inland first, then hit the coast near the end of the ride. A hot sweaty Gina did suffer in the heat today. I think we spent too much time in the sun chit chatting. Just after the soccer fields we ran into a poster who wishes to be unidentified by name. Last time we met he was doing 20 milers, today doing 80 in preparation for the Amtrak Century, cool! After a few minutes there TerBennett stops by with the latest updates and a good word of the Clyde worthy Deep V wheels.

Plenty of friends at the coast, GregK, MTBLrker, Mark and some new friends like Marcello and a meeting with member Flying Merkel. FM approaches and says, Beanz". Cool, another face to a forum member. We talk for a while as he gives me the scoop on his modified Schwinn Varsity. Nice bike, I really need to build myself something like it, looks like fun. FM is the type of rider who rides with no computer, doesn't measure speed and doesn't really care who passes who, so he says. Just looking at the guy, I bet if you challenged him, he'd whip the pants off of you on his Varsity ha ha! I talk his ear off for a while then he heads on.

Marcello is actually one of Alex2's ride partner for the day about a year back. He stops in for a chat then I figure, heck, let's talk with the guy. I ask him to introduce himself but he says maybe next time as he knows not what to say. I tell him that I will do the talking and just nod his head ha ha. I say a few words then he jumps right in, I knew it, they guy is a natural. So we have a some fun conversation at the coast with the riders, Alex2, MTBLrker,GregK, Jeff and Angie, then head back with Mark.

It was a nice fun visit but Gina really suffered on the return. Too much fun and too much time sitting in the sun. Fun but it brought on a headache for Gina on the return. We had to pull off the trail looking for Advil. She suffered but we had a good time!

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