Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baldy Rd to the Lifts (My First Time)

Wow what a ride! Mills and Baseline to the lift on Baldy Rd. I looked it up on MapMyRide and the elevation gain is 5,000 ft in 14 miles. A little foggy at the start but once we hit the slightest elevation, the sun popped was shining bright. Hillbasher and I aimed for Ice House Canyon for starters. Well, first Baldy Village then we'd go from there. HB did a pretty good pace up Baldy Rd so I was hoping to hang close.

Once at the post office my legs were tight but figured ICC was within reach. We pretty much aced that section. I was a bit hesitant as I have never been above the village on my bike but it wasn't all that bad. Something like 700 feet within a mile or so. From there I figured my legs were cooked but HB suggested we try a switchback or two. OK, let's go for it! I've heard horror stories about this section so I was thinking that I'd not make it being out of climbing form. But I was surprised at the not so killer switchbacks. One switchback down, then a second then a third. HB said there were ten and we aced the first three so I figured it couldn't be all that bad.

We did stop a couple of times. Mainly because I had no idea where I was at and wanted some info from HB. Turns out we aren't that far from the top so we keep going. Next thing I know we're about a mile from the top and HB says we're too far to turn back now! So we continue on then hit a slight downhill. I remember a super steep grade at the end the few times I've driven up there so I stopped on a stretch to ask HB where the stretch was. "You're on it!" he said. Well what do you know! So we are about 40 yards from the top when HB shouts "Let's see that sprint!". I sucked it up and sprinted to the top. I was really shocked that I could. I almost died but I sprinted ha ha!

Turned out to be a very cool ride. I wasn't sure about doing the lifts but HB pretty much encouraged me up the entire trip. Actually for a month he's been telling me that I can do it no problem. Well we finally went for it and he was right! Like I said, not being in good form, I made it and it wasn't the killer ride most make it out to be. Heck, if I get back into form, it'll be a walk in the park ha ha! Thanks to HB for coaching me up cause if I had been alone, I probably would have turned back at the tunnels ha ha!

BTW, at the end of the ride, HB presented me with a new TOC jersey. Well actually Gina will have to wear it cause it's too small for this big climber ha ha! But thanks, nice jersey! I've really been making out on rides lately. Eyemage gave me pack of candy chews on our last ride ha ha. Every little bit counts!

Added a couple pictures at the bottom from Hillbasher's camera.

Upper profile is the overall ride. Lower profile is the last 3 miles to the lifts.


  1. Great accomplishment. Do you think you would be crazy enough to join me for a ride from Foothill to Mt Baldy Summit at the END of Falls Road. I tried once but was toast a mile up Falls Road.

  2. Falls Road? Hillbasher and I did that road up to Thunder Mtn...waaaaay up there but on MTB's in the dirt. From the mapsite, it shows that its Falls Rd. It is pretty short before you hit the dirt but after climbing the switchbacks?......ha ha ha!