Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GMR/West Fork 08/24/11

Well, Hillbasher set up another ride in an attempt to erase me from cycling. Someday I'm going to find a partner that will chose and easy ride ha ha! 7 am start didn't seem to make much of a difference today. Heat warning and thinking we'd be done early, not so. GMR, down to East Fork, 39 to West Fork where Hillbasher swore it was a flat 8 miles to Cogswell Dam.

To start off Hillbasher's kicking my butt up GMR so by the time we get to West Fork, my legs are fried. Not a steep climb but enough to remind me that my legs are frying. Not to mention the steep climb up to the dam, 15 plus percent, ouch! On the return down Hwy 39, the sun really shined his eye on us. What I thought would be an hour ride turned into a 51 mile 4:40 ride time 4600 ft ride (time according to my computer). Going back across Sierra Madre was hot and dry and like Hillbasher said, "that ride must have taken two weeks out of is life" ha ha! I know I am glad it is over.

Right before the shack I see a couple of guys flying up the mountain. What the heck, I'll try to reach the shack before they catch me. Didn't happen, about 40 yards before the shack I feel a hand on my back. A pat on the back from one of the riders and a "great job!". I get up to the landing shortly after they do so we chat for a bit. Jay and Ciocc (hope I got it right) are a couple of great guys from an organization called "Cast A Shadow". They explain some of the way they help the less fortunate people by way of bicycles. Jay explains a few of their rides and the big one coming up called Mt. Tabor. Sounds like a great ride, 5 days, lots of climbing and a support crew second to none. Hotels rooms, transportation, the works. Seems like a great nearly week long ride. He explains the ride and the organization in the video but just in case you're interested, check out and the Mt. Tabor Bike Ride. $1150 entry and raise $1000 but if you raise $200, the entry fee is only $150. That's a steal for this kind of supported ride according to Jay.

I'm not real big on advertising but any dude that pats me on the back on the way up is cool with me. Plus I know there are a few members/riders out there that like this kind of a ride. These Dudes were cool.

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