Sunday, August 14, 2011

SART 08/14/11

So is this what is considered a bad luck weekend or what? After thinking about it, I'm chalking it up to a good luck weekend. A front flat on GMR yesterday and my rear tire falling apart on me today. The good luck, I figure my tires could have failed me on GMR yesterday, a descent resulting in something not so good. I'll look at the bright side. My favorite inexpensive tire Serfas Secas haven't done so well lately. Used to use them with confidence but the last tires split down the center. It was worn but this tire, 2 months 800 miles and it split the same way the last tired split. Heck with it, I'm going with another Armadillo. Many riders don't care for them or the slow feel of the ride but last one I used, 5,000 miles without a single flat. That included plenty of rides on GMR back when I was training for Ride Around the Bear. But like I say, it isn't the tire that makes me feel slow! Maybe I'm just tough on tires at my weight but I'm thinking more about the security and tire durability in my old age.

at the start of our ride EricAnderson rides by while we water up at the leaky fountain. He rolls by and we shout but no idea he heard us. Next thing we know he rolls up and we have a little chat about his long rides. Gee, what ears you got Eric ha ha! We roll out and head to Imperial. Gina's pretty happy to be off GMR and she is smiling while Abec rolls on down the road. We hit Imperial turn around to head back into a headwind. Still smiling we run across PainFreak for a shout.

Abec is somewhere ahead when I feel a thump thump somewhere on my bike. I'm thinking flat but tires are pumped. I roll the rear around only to find another big knot like the last tire. That's it, I've had good luck with these budget tires for a couple of years but the last two? Ain't worth breaking my face!

So we roll slowly back from Katella to the leaky fountain. Good, no blow out! Bummer but the good side is that Louie rolls on by and gives us the latest on his trip to the Philippines. His visit allowed him to visit the children receiving the aid raised by his Sikad Ng Bayan fun bike ride. Nice story and a good look at his touring bike.

I had sent a text to Abec telling him that we were out of the ride so that he wouldn't wonder about our no show at the coast. Arriving at the truck we see Alan and Tammy. A little chat and a short clip of Alan's story. Sure, Alan, stills only, I won't post the video! ~whistle~

A while later, Abec sends a self portrait of himself at the coast saying he made it for us ha ha! Sucker! Well, we missed out but really, it turned out to be a nice pleasure cruise and some visits with friends.


Eric Anderson chillin' on his bent. Then Gina was admiring his jersey so I asked him to stick out his chest super hero style to display the design. Abec's text pic and Alan and Tammy trying to escape my lens ha ha!


  1. Beanz,

    I like my Armadillo Tires. They last a good long time as long as you keep out of the glass shards. The weeds this time of year are full of brown dry thorns. Better protection will give you long rides and fewer "flat" stops.


  2. I agree. Last Dillo I used made me very happy. I am surprised to find out you ride them. Many riders say they are too heavy for climbing. But hey, you punished me on the last ride up GRR so I can't say I agree with them.;-)